Healthy Community

9 September 2016

Providing care to a community can depend on the health issues within that community. . Nurses may gather information, statistics, and analyze the community’s health status (Maurer & Smith, 2009). For example, as stated on the nyc. gov website “The health department estimates that at current levels of fine particle pollution alone cause more than 3000 deaths, 2000 hospital admissions for lung and heart conditions, and 6000 emergency department admissions for asthma” ( NYC Community Air Survey, 2013, para 1).

There are many areas within NYC suffering from respiratory diseases, particularly the Bronx, where asthma is rated the highest in the state. Teaching how to minimize pollutants to a community with a high rate of respiratory diseases will be crucial. Ways to teach a community will be, providing smoke –free environments, teach the effects of littering, extermination for pests such as rats, and providing resources on how to purchase air filters. Maintaining a clean environment inside the house, as well as outside will benefit these communities with high air pollution.

The nurse may work with local civic groups, and write local newspapers, providing education on a healthy community. Teaching in schools, and community clinics will be great starting points to provide teachings as well. Maurer, F. A. & Smith, C. M. 2009. Community/Public Health Nursing Practice : Health for Families and Populations, 4th Edition. Retrieved from: http://pageburstls. elsevier. com/#/books/9781416050049/pages/30798296 NYC Community Air Survey. 2013. Retrieved from: http://www. nyc. gov/html/doh/html/environmental/community-air-survey. shtml

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