Healthy life

7 July 2016

Issues related to healthy lifestyles often spoken of by all levels of society . Practice a healthy lifestyle will allow a person to live a healthy long life. Many of the views associated with a healthy lifestyle, but it is not appropriate that we take for granted about this healthy lifestyle . 1 . Caring for Daily Nutrition ( menjaga keseimbangan makanan) Among healthy lifestyle is keeping our daily diet . Therefore, we should adopt a balanced diet . Balanced diet allows our bodies healthy and not overweight. Poor diet causes our body to get a variety of diseases such as hypertension , heart disease and diabetes.

2 . Exercise or Play ( bersenam atau beriadah) In addition, we also must diligently work or play. By doing physical activity , the heart will be healthy and strong. Toxic waste in the body will come out through our sweat during exercise . Exercise we are doing will allow the blood to flow properly and strengthen the muscles of the body . 3 . Environmental Cleanliness and Environment Home Practice a healthy lifestyle is keeping the house clean next and the environment. Places that allow mosquitoes to breed must be eliminated. All refuse shall be dubuang to Famous Spots: Yoy reserved .

Healthy life Essay Example

Do not throw garbage into the river or dibaar outdoors because it can cause environmental pollution . 4 . Health Inspection (pemeriksaan kesihatan) In addition, we need to make health checks. Health checks can be made public or private hospital . By knowing our health , we can already taken measures to ensure our health continues to be in good keaaan . Checks can be made two one-year time . 5 . Avoid Doing Affect Health We must also avoid actions that could affect health. Among the things that can affect health is cigarette smoking , alcohol and drugs. The habit of smoking cigarettes can cause a lung disease and heart disease.

While drug addiction can lead to social and community causes disease , an obstacle to the progress and development of the country , so let us increase our awareness and understanding of the dangers of drugs , and trying to control and prevent the occurrence of these adverse events . In conclusion , there are some practices that we need to do to enable us to live a healthy life . Practice a healthy lifestyle should be nurtured since we were little where parents and family members to play their role in a healthy lifestyle . So prevention is better than cure.

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