Healthy lifestyle

7 July 2016

With the stresses of school such as, tests, time management, and deadlines, a healthy lifestyle is vital to a student. It is not easy to get a perfect score on a test, or even an A for that matter, depending on level of difficulty, and it is not easy to take on the burden of responsibility that rests on a student such as a job might interfere with a school deadline. Not only is the academic part of school stressful, but the social aspect is as well. Image is everything to a high school or middle school student and competing with academics, the social life sometimes takes precedence in a student’s life. However, there needs to be a balance in those areas. A healthy lifestyle in school is important because your habits can affect one’s school grades, attitude, and self-esteem.

One unhealthy habit is not eating a nutritional breakfast. Without the help of protein, slow carbohydrates, and fast carbohydrates, the brain is more likely to work at a slower pace rather than working at its maximum potential. This can affect a student’s memory located in the temporal lobe in the cerebrum section of the brain. Without the memory working to its full potential, a student cannot perform his/her best on an early test or quiz or even a regular homework assignment. It is always best in the mornings to eat a nutritious breakfast to alert the brain so that it performs at its highest level.

Another unhealthy habit that is prevalent is lack of sleep. Students have convinced themselves they can perform under as little as 0-5 hours of sleep. While, yes, anyone can function with that little of sleep, your brain and body are not rested and recharged to perform at its fullest. This habit can create laziness in a student and cause him/her to not pay attention in class, fall asleep in class, and/or not do homework because of the direct correlation of no motivation. It is important that a student gets no less than six hours of sleep so that he/she can apply 100% in all he/she does in school and throughout the day.

Most people have experienced the lack of patience one might have without food in the body. This relates back to eating a nutritional breakfast. Not only will the habit of not eating a healthy breakfast, or even eating breakfast at all, it will also influence a student’s attitude.

If a student intakes a breakfast such as waffles with maple syrup, this is mostly bread and sugar. This can cause a sugar drop if the person continues to eat sugar throughout the day, and completely cancels out the breakfast that was intended to feed the brain. When a sugar drop occurs, the person is emotionally brought to a high peak where, depending on the person, they are extremely happy, then when the unexpected sugar drop happens, emotionally a person is brought down to their lowest point, and sadness can occur, or crying randomly. This is not good for a student in college who needs to perform their best with studies.

Self esteem is how a person views his/her value, whether that is outward appearance, work ethic, or value compared to someone else. A person’s self-esteem is their choice, however, it can be heavily influenced by outside sources such as media and unhealthy eating habits. If a student sits around all day, every day playing video games and eating Lays Potato Chips, with no exercise, it is only fair to conclude they are going to be overweight.

The body cannot handle that for a long period of time without having any effects. After this happens, the student will be unhappy about what he/she looks like and the self-esteem lowers, creating a feeling of no value, which then bleeds into every aspect of his/her life, work, school, and social life. With a balance, using video games sparingly and eating junk food sparingly, there is little chance a person will suffer from low self- esteem. Eating right such as fruits and vegetables and proteins, can make a person feel good about themselves and succeed in school and in life.

Another issue that seeps into the self-esteem is the lack of exercise many students have. Exercise keeps the body in good health and the mind sharp. Though exercise is not a direct correlation with self-esteem, the effects of exercise is directly linked with self-esteem. Eating healthy and exercising work together to make the student feel good about himself/herself and boosts the self-esteem so that there are no doubts sitting in the classroom next to the girl who wears size zero, or the guy that has huge biceps, there is a self-esteem built in the student to be sure of themselves and succeed in school.

With everything a student has to deal with, test grades, grades in general, and social life, it is only common sense to get all the help available. With healthy eating habits, and exercising working together, a student cannot lose in the academic and social world. A healthy lifestyle should be everyone’s goal because it will not let a person down, it only benefits them. As a student, with everyday pressures socially and academically, a healthy lifestyle will never disappoint.

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