Heart Of Darkness 15 Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

Heart Of Darkness 15 Essay, Research Paper

In this paper I will demo the consequence the Heart of Darkness had on Kurtz in the phases prior to, the Kurtz in passage, and at the terminal of his journey.

The Kurtz prior to his journey was a adult male with a baronial bosom. We learn about Kurtz prior to his journey by listening to the conversations Marlow has when he returns from Africa. Marlow talked with Kurtz cousin, an old co-worker, and his Intended. Kurtz was a cosmopolitan mastermind ( 244 ) . The old co-worker told of how the adult male could speak. He electrified big meetings. He had religion He could acquire himself to believe anything ( 244 ) . Marlow to the full agreed with this statement. Marlow said, This is the ground why I affirm that Kurtz was a singular adult male. He had something to state. He said it ( 241 ) .

He was one of those work forces who you had to look up to.

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You HAD to love him, if you knew him. The Intended said, she had been worthy of him ( 248 ) . She speaks of him as about a God. The Intended promises Marlow she was worthy of him, she had all his baronial assurance. Their engagement wasn T approved because Kurtz wasn T affluent plenty. Kurtz had the ability to pull work forces towards him by what was best in them ( 249 ) . This is the gift of the great. Kurtz was a great adult male. He was a born leader.

The Kurtz prior to the journey seems to be a adult male with a bosom of gold. His goodness shone in every act ( 250 ) . But in actuality his psyche was conformed by society and the warning voice of a sort neighbour ( 206 ) . He was a adult male with rules merely because rules were all around him. Kurtz was dependent on that sort neighbour to maintain him baronial.

The Kurtz in passage was a adult male with a bosom that understands what is traveling on in the jungle. Kurtz is described as a excellent agent, a really singular individual, who will travel really far. Kurtz drew a picture of a adult female, draped and blindfolded, transporting a lighted torch. The picture had a background that was somber-almost black. Her motions were stately, and the consequence of the torch-light on the face was sinister ( 169 ) . Kurtz had painted this while he was at the Central Station. This picture is Kurtz position of the colonisation of Africa. The blindfold refers to the deficiency of vision that the progressing civilisation traveling into Africa has. Marlow agrees. He refers to the settlers, as work forces traveling at it blind-as is really proper for those who tackle a darkness ( 140 ) . The torch normally means carriers of a flicker from the sacred fire, carriers of Christianity. But in this sense, the torch seems to be destructive, a tool that is used to get down fires on the barbarians places. This gives the sinister consequence on the face. Christianity isn T being served ; the torch is being used for immorality. All this means that Kurtz really realizes all that is go oning. Kurtz is get downing to understand what this predicting immorality is, the darkness all around him.

Kurtz is said to be a prodigy an envoy of commiseration, and scientific discipline, and advancement, and Satan knows what else ( 169 ) . This was said by the brick-maker who didn Ts make any bricks. This adult male realized the possible Kurtz had. A prodigy is a mastermind, person with a batch of possible. As an envoy of commiseration he is one who represents the barbarians. He came to the jungle to compose a paper about the barbarians and their imposts ; He was their embassador. As an envoy of scientific discipline, he was one that had great programs and thoughts as to how to command the barbarians and non ravish the land. As an envoy of advancement he represented person who could alter the relationship with the barbarians. He came out to the jungle with moral thoughts of some kind. In the terminal he turned it for the worse by taking advantage of them. The Satan does cognize what else. I believe the Satan was a big portion of Kurtz ; the darkness had sunk in along with the Satan.

In the passage Kurtz realizes what the darkness does to work forces at that place. He believes that he can get the better of the darkness. He believes he can convey his moral thoughts and alter the manner they colonize the darkness. He believes he can alter how the white adult male treats the barbarian. He believes he can take the sinister torch and do it a flicker from the sacred fire.

Kurtz at the terminal of the journey is a adult male with a bosom of darkness. His bosom had been overcome by the immorality. He is so enveloped by the darkness that he doesn T privation to go forth it. This is seen when he tries to creep out of the steamboat and back to the barbarians fires. It is shown before when he comes down the river with the tusk in the canoes and so turns back, merely abruptly of the cardinal station. I believe this is a turning point in the book. Alternatively of coming out of the darkness he decides to travel against the flow ( of the common adult male and the river ) and caput back

into it. The darkness has its clasp on Kurtz by now.

Kurtz is described as being a talented animal, and that of all his gifts the 1 that stood out was his ability to speak, his words-the gift of look, the bewildering, the illuminating, the most elevated and the most contemptible, the throbing watercourse of visible radiation, or the fallacious flow from the bosom of an impenetrable darkness ( 203-204 ) . This quotation mark shows that he could speak, but it was what he talked about that mattered. He one time spoke from the visible radiation, but now it flows from the bosom of an impenetrable darkness.

Marlow says The thing was to cognize what he ( Kurtz ) belonged to, how many powers of darkness claimed him for their ain ( 206 ) . Marlow begins to see that Kurtz has been corrupted by the darkness. Marlow besides knows what causes this corruptness. It is the absence of civilisation. Marlow says surrounded by sort neighbours ready to hearten you or to fall on you, stepping finely between the meatman and the policeman how can you conceive of arrant purdah without a police officer where no warning voice of a sort neighbour can be heard whispering of public sentiment? These small things make all the great difference. When they are gone you must fall back upon your ain innate strength, upon your ain capacity for fidelity ( 206 ) . Marlow sees that Kurtz innate strength was excessively weak for the powers of the darkness. It had been civilisation that had kept Kurtz in cheque, and now without it he was carry throughing his most evil desires. Marlow besides says that the darkness assaults you and dulls you. Kurtz was dulled by the darkness over his long stay in it.

Kurtz was a great talker because it echoed aloud within him because he was hollow at the nucleus ( 220 ) . Shakespeare knew this, for he one time said, the empty vas makes the greatest sound. This explains the combination of hollowness and fluency.

Kurtz was under a enchantment of the darkness. Marlow says I tried to interrupt the spell-the heavy, tongueless enchantment of the wilderness-that seemed to pull him ( Kurtz ) to its pitiless chest by the waking up of forgotten and barbarous inherent aptitudes, by the memory of gratified and monstrous passions ( 234 ) . Kurtz wanted to make the things he was ever told non to make in civilisation. Now no 1 was stating him non to make them, so he did what felt good.

Kurtz is non brainsick though, his intelligence was absolutely clear-concentrated ( 234 ) . It was something else, his psyche was huffy ( 235 ) . Bing entirely in the wilderness, his psyche had looked at itself and had gone huffy. But Kurtz struggled with himself, excessively. Marlow saw the impossible enigma of a psyche that knew no restraint, no religion, and no fright, yet fighting blindly with itself ( 235 ) . He couldn t control his psyche, his soul full of darkness. It overtook him, and nil could halt it!

His visual aspect besides changed as though a head covering had been rent. I saw on that tusk face the look of drab pride, of pitiless power, of recreant terror-of an intense and hopeless desperation ( 239 ) . His tusk face is an dry statement ; it seems to connote that the tusk became portion of him. He had power over the barbarians, and now he realized at his decease that he had no hope.

As they left the darkness, Kurtz life seemed to run out of him. The brown current ran fleetly out of the bosom of darkness ( 237 ) . The current ran from the jungle, but the current of life besides ran out of Kurtz bosom, a bosom of darkness.

At the terminal of the journey, Kurtz gives up his high aspirations, and the wilderness brings out the darkness and ferociousness of his bosom. All rules and desires of the civilised society are stripped from him, and the indefinable passions and greed of his true nature are revealed. He collects a followers of indigens who worship him as an graven image. He allows them to idolize him. The full significance of the wilderness can be seen merely through Kurtz, because he gives in to the powers of the wilderness. Through the influence of the wilderness, Kurtz basic human nature is revealed. At his decease, he sees the true province of world. His regard is piercing plenty to perforate all the Black Marias that beat in the darkness ( 241 ) . His concluding statement of The horror! The horror! ( 239 ) is his judgement on all of life. The wilderness brings Kurtz to the point where he has a full consciousness of himself, and from there he makes his avowal about all world.

The old physician knew what was go oning. He commented, It would be interesting for scientific discipline to watch the mental alterations of persons, on the topographic point ( 148 ) . All that remains is a memory now, a memory of his promise, his illustriousness, his generous head, and of his baronial bosom. He was a adult male with programs, but his words and illustration shall last.

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