Heart Of Darkness Vs Apocalyp Essay Research

8 August 2017

Heart Of Darkness Vs. Apocalyp Essay, Research Paper

Comparative Essay between Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now

The relationship between Joseph Conrad & # 8217 ; s book, Heart of Darkness and Francis Coppola & # 8217 ; s film, Apocalypse Now are obvious. Apocalypse Now follows the narrative line of the Heart of Darkness although the scenes of each narrative are from wholly different location and clip periods. In both the book and the film, the thoughts of good and evil, lightness and darkness, and racism are evident. Word picture in both the novel and the film are really similar. Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now have really similar subjects and word picture while the scenes differ.

Both The Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now contain illustrations of the good and evil in worlds. In the Heart of Darkness, Marlow speaks of Fresleven who was killed in a battle with some indigens. The statement between Fresleven and the indigens was over some poulets, and Fresleven felt he had been ripped off in the trade. Marlow describes Fresleven as & # 8221 ; the gentlest, quietest animal that of all time walked on two legs. & # 8221 ; However, subsequently in the same paragraph Marlow says, & # 8221 ; he likely felt the demand at last of asseverating his dignity in some manner. Therefore he whacked the old nigga mercilessly. & # 8221 ; Soldiers in combat are forced to convey the immorality within themselves out every clip they go into conflict. The scene in Apocalypse Now where Willard foremost meets Kilgore shows how combat can convey out the dark side in worlds. The attitude the soldiers have towards their enemy in the scene shows how evil worlds can be. Kilgore demonstrates an evil side when he tosses the cards on the organic structures of the dead Vietcong without demoing any compunction for them although they are human. The Vietcong were his enemies, but they were besides human.

In Heart of Darkness, there is the return of elation and darkness. There are many times in the novel when Conrad negotiations about come ining the jungle or the bosom of darkness. Conrad besides mentions the brightness of the white fog while they are traveling down the river many times during the novel. In the film Apocalypse Now light and darkness are besides portrayed in the sense that when of all time the soldiers were traveling into an country occupied by the enemy it would be at a clip of darkness, this would bespeak that the darkness was a mark of immorality. There is besides a batch of fog at dark during the film

when they get closer to the centre of the Vietcong.

Racism is clearly portrayed throughout the novel and film in several different ways. Marlow shows racism when he says, & # 8220 ; It was Unearthly, and the work forces were & # 8212 ; – No, they were non cold. Well, you know, that was the worst of it & # 8212 ; this intuition of their non being cold merely the though of their humanity like yours the though of your distant affinity with this wild and passionate tumult. Ugly. Yes, it was ugly this quotation mark indicates precisely what Marlow & # 8217 ; s first though was upon seeing the life style of the indigens. The native & # 8217 ; s life styles are changed when their land is dominated white work forces in both the novel and film. The Whites expected the indigens to obey their demands, because the Whites considered themselves civilised and believe the indigens are barbarians.

Word picture in Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now are about indistinguishable. In the film, Willard is sent into the jungle on a mission to happen Kurtz, and in the novel Marlow & # 8217 ; s mission becomes happening this cryptic Kurtz that he keeps hearing about. The character of Kurtz is both really similar in both the novel and the film. Kurtz is the centre of immorality in both the novel and film. He is the bosom of darkness. He is a adult male with a repute for being powerful and cryptic in both fresh and film. Marlow and Willard are besides really similar. They both stand back and sort of ticker the environing country detecting what is traveling on.

The scenes of Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now are really different. The location and clip periods of the novel and film are wholly different. In the novel the scene takes topographic point in the jungle of the Congo in Africa. The scene of the film was on a river in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Although the scenes in Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now differ they are really similar in word picture and subject. The subjects of good and evil, lightness and darkness, and racism appear in both the film and the novel. The character of Kurtz is really similar in both the novel and film besides. Kurtz is portrayed as a cryptic adult male in the bosom of the darkness. The chief difference between the novel and film is the location and clip period of each. The fresh takes topographic point in the jungle of the Congo while the film takes topographic point on a river in Vietnam. The novel and the film can be compared through word picture, subject, and scene.

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