Heart Of DarknessSymboliszm Essay Research Paper Joseph

9 September 2017

Heart Of Darkness-Symboliszm Essay, Research Paper

Heart Of DarknessSymboliszm Essay Research Paper Joseph Essay Example

Joseph Conrad s usage of visible radiation and darkness to stand for good and evil in the Heart

of Darkness helps in developing the subject and the secret plan of the novel. Conrad uses the

symbol of light and darkness repetitively throughout the novel in order to unwrap his

penetration to the reader ; Conrad uses visible radiation and darkness when mentioning to the Thames and

Congo river, the tegument colour and Black Marias of the Whites and inkinesss, and the black kept woman and

the Intended.

Conrad s usage of visible radiation and darkness is apparent from the gap of the novel. The

narrative opens on the tranquil Thames River aboard the cruising yawl called the Nellie. All is

composure on the H2O as the visible radiations of London scintillation around the boat. The Thames River,

which is seen as unagitated, civil and bright, is an obvious contrast to the Congo River that

Marlow navigates in Africa. The Congo is full of darkness and unruliness. Ironically,

the bright Thames is described likewise to the dark Congo. In the shutting lines of the

novel, the Thames seems to be fluxing & # 8220 ; into the bosom of an huge darkness ( ) . During

the oncoming of the novel, in which none of Marlow s narrative is disclosed, the storyteller is

ignorant to the horrors of European imperialism, and he later describes the

Thames as bright and lit. However, during the shutting of the novel, in which the startling

inhuman treatment of the Europeans is divulged, the storyteller describes the Thames as strikingly

different: vastly dark. Through the usage of elation and darkness Conrad inveighs

that regardless of where the white adult male exists, in civilised London or deepest Africa, he

seems to convey darkness: inhumaneness to his fellow adult male.

Conrad uses visible radiation and darkness in context of the colour of tegument of the Whites and

inkinesss, every bit good as the corresponding good and immoralities of their Black Marias. In contrast to the greed

and inhuman treatment of the white work forces in Africa, who voraciously and recklessly prehend tusk at any

cost to

human life, Conrad depicts the black indigens as holding more self-denial. The

Manager is hungering the man-eaters on board Marlow & # 8217 ; s steamer to decease, and although they

thirstily oculus the organic structure of the dead steersman and besides the build of the plump Russian,

they restrain their native impulses and do non assail the life or the dead. In a similar

mode, the barbarians along the Congo do non assail the soft-shell clam bearing the greedy

Europeans even though they know the purpose is to be evil and destructive. It is merely a white

adult male s bid, at the goad of Kurtz, that the indigens attack the soft-shell clam. It is

deliberately dry that the black adult male in the novel has a purer ( light ) bosom than the white

adult male, whose bosom is indurate, barbarous and baneful ( dark ) .

The two adult females in Kurtz & # 8217 ; s life are besides described with the usage of visible radiation and

darkness. Kurtz s black kept woman in Africa is really demonstrative, have oning bright vesture

and jewellery and moving in a loud, wild mode, clearly exposing strong emotions. In

contrast, Kurtz & # 8217 ; s Intended in Belgium is just, mild-tempered, and draped in black. The

brightness and passion of Kurtz s black kept woman are revealed from her bright garb while

the passivity of Kurtz s intended is apparent from her dark vesture. However, despite

their differences in visual aspect and disposition, the love they feel for Kurtz is really

similar. The white Intended s garb of black shows her bond with the black adult female, while

the black kept woman s bright vesture and jewellery show this common bond every bit good ; built-in

in both is a love for Kurtz.

The usage of the symbols of visible radiation and darkness aid in developing many major

subjects in the Heart of Darkness. Many of these subjects, if non grasped by the reader

through the usage of symbols and other literary devices, generate a misunderstanding of the

novel. Therefore, the allegations holding Conrad racialist are simply the consequence of ignorant

readers who do non grok the manner of composing which he employs.

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