Heart Of Ice Essay Research Paper James

9 September 2017

Heart Of Ice Essay, Research Paper

James Mc CallaSection 21Paper # 1 HEART OF ICEJumping out of his bed, Billy ran to his female parent & # 8217 ; s room to see if she had overslept. As he walked in he found his female parent awake by the side of her bed, listening to the wireless. Billy knew something was incorrect. He went up to his female parent to inquire her why she had non awakened him in clip for school. Before he could even get down, his female parent raised her arm up signaling him to wait until the newsman on the wireless was done. Billy waited for about 10 proceedingss when female parent eventually turned to him and said, & # 8220 ; There & # 8217 ; s no school today. & # 8221 ; Surprised at what his female parent had told him, Billy now knew that something was decidedly incorrect. He knew a job had occurred because his school ne’er desists unless it was planned several months in front of clip. The journalist on the wireless had a study about people who were taking the jurisprudence into their ain custodies. To show their authorization the people wrapped tyres around the political figures and cut off their caputs. Political leaders such as, senators, city managers, Judgess, and affluent mill proprietors with political influences were the chief marks. Subsequently on that twenty-four hours weather picture newsmans televised one of Haiti & # 8217 ; s many putschs, where people were shown with matchets with which they chopped the weaponries, legs, and caputs of corrupt politicians & # 8217 ; . Finally the bloody caputs were burned at the interest ; dark and smoke from the fire, they were stuck on expresswaies. That was one of the most hideous sights Billy had of all time seen in his life. These events marked Billy for the remainder of his life. They affected him so much that the sight of a dead organic structure on the streets of Haiti, which were sometimes left there for assorted yearss, was merely another common twenty-four hours calamity. An illustration of these common twenty-four hours calamities, was one summer when Billy was on his manner to work, and saw a dead organic structure. It was 7:00 ante meridiem when he had foremost seen the organic structure. At 12:30 a.m. on his manner to tiffin, Billy once more saw the dead organic structure. By this clip the carcase had begun to develop a malodor, which was merely normal with a searing Sun of 95 grades in business district Haiti. With the sweltering Sun still firing, the blood that had gushed out of the adult male & # 8217 ; s caput onto the streets was now dried up with flies all over the carcase. The encephalons were stick outing out of a hole from the adult male & # 8217 ; s caput, where the piece of skull that was losing from the whole in his caput clanged to the remainder of the caput by a piece of flesh. Billy subsequently found out that the adult male was a tonton macoute & # 8211 ; an elect force under the Duvalier government ( Duvalier was a former dictator of Haiti and ruled Haiti for over 30 old ages ) – which was why the adult male was left out to decease on the streets without any aid. These tonton macoutes had done really inhumane things to people during the Duvalier government. An illustration being, doing people defecate in forepart of them and stating them to eat it up if they wanted to populate. Still, the Haitian people did non amelior

ate the situation by slaughtering these macoutes and committing inhumane crimes against them. The Duvalier regime in Haiti can be compared to Hitler’s Holocaust. During this time thousands of people were simply killed, either reported missing or brutally murdered in public. People at this time who were merely “suspected” of treason were executed. Even relatives of Billys had to flee the city of Port-au-Prince to escape persecution, not because they were corrupt politicians but because they disapproved of the so-called democracy in Haiti, where the only law was the law of the military. While Francois Duvalier A.K.A. Papa Doc was the president of Haiti his motto was: “if you are not with us, you are against us.” After Papa Doc’s – and his son Jean-Claude Duvalier A.K.A. Baby Doc – rule was over, people thought that Haiti would become a better place and see better times. They could not have been more inaccurate. Haiti fell into an economic depression, needing outside help, which was one of the worse things that could have ever happened. Of course the U.S., a superpower, the overseer and protector of Latin American and Caribbean countries, volunteered to help Haiti. A lot of people opposed this from the beginning; but worse came to worse and it became inevitable. The soldiers that came to Haiti did not want to be there and were extremely prejudice. This created a very unstable atmosphere between the Haitians and the soldiers, and instead of the economy getting better it only got worse.After U.S occupation came countless amounts of presidents that were either overthrown, impeached, or assassinated. There was so much political unrest at this time that schools were shutdown for weeks, forcing Billy’s parents, who wanted the best education for him, to send him to New York to study for a year. This was the first time he had ever been away from his parents. It was hard to adjust. Whether or not he really ever adjusted is not sure. Seven months later Billy returned to Haiti and rejoined his family. Less than a month after he had reunited with his family the country of Haiti was put under an economic embargo by the U.S. government who had no idea what it was getting itself into. Finally came the U.S. invasion of Haiti, to reinstate power to the elected president of Haiti “Aristid”. People were frightened in Haiti. Planes circled Haiti and scrambled all radio communication; even cables and phones were out. Hummers roamed the streets, while helicopters and planes filled the skies of Haiti. Billy lived in Haiti for two years after this invasion, and there was nothing he hadn’t seen, from shredded carcasses lying on the streets to mutilated bodies hung on pikes. These were only some of the events that shaped and formed who Billy is today, whether it is good or bad, we’ll never know, but there is nothing he could have done about it. He was only an innocent bystander at the “right” place, at the wrong time.

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