Heart to Skin

1 January 2019

Thump, thump, thump continuously all throughout your life. Never stopping, never skipping a beat, until this one moment. I never truly realized how important my heart was to my entire well being until it ceased working to the uttermost perfection. Countless nerve wracking cardiologist visits, stress tests, crazy monitors which annoyingly beeped during my classes that teachers habitually mistook for a cell phone the first time the sound waves of the beep made their way to the peeved ear drums, and echo-cardiograms later, they finally guessed at what my problem was. Fortunately for me, when they went into my veins and up to the heart of my troubles, and one heart attack later, my cardiologist had record setting time for this procedure, thirty minutes. The guessed diagnosis was correct.

I truly began to appreciate what physicians do every single working day and it reaffirmed what I wanted to do for the rest of my life: I want to help make miracles happen. These thoughts were originally my solitary escape from the worries that go along with health issues. When I was so scared that I did not know what was to happen next, these thoughts proved capable of thoroughly teaching me life’s greatest lessons about topics ranging from discovering who I truly am to how one can be perfectly fulfilled when going through a traumatic experience. Having to stop running track and nearly missing an entire tennis season, being called a robot by my friends who were trying to make light of my frightening situation, along with other experiences that come with a malfunctioning heart truly made me toughen up, stay strong, and changed me completely. However, instead of studying hearts, such as my life-changing cardiologist, I know I want to be a dermatologist. The skin is just as important as the heart is; the heart may provide blood to your entire body, but the skin protects your entire body. The constant focus on my own body makes me strive to help those who have been struggling with their self esteem due to their skin. The barricade of all intruders, the moat (and on unfortunate occasions, the drawbridge) that surrounds fortresses: skin is vital.

Heart to Skin Essay Example

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