Heat Transfer Mechanisms

4 April 2015
An introduction to heat transfer, including a description of convection, conduction and radiation.

This paper briefly describes the different forms of heat transfer. Heat transfer is a process that occurs on the molecular level. The basics of the process are defined, with three heat transfer mechanisms identified– conduction, convection and radiation.
“In metals, thermal energy is transported by conduction band electrons. This is based on understanding molecular orbital bands. This refers to solids that form a lattice, including metals. These lattice metals are understood by looking at the lattice itself as one large molecule rather than looking at it as individual atoms. The electron orbitals of the atoms overlap, creating a continuous band covering a range of energies that extends throughout the lattice (Shriver, D.F., Atkins, P.W., & Langford, C.H. Inorganic Chemistry. New York: Oxford University Press, 1994, p. 91).”

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