Heathcliff And Catherine Earnshaw In Emily BronteS

8 August 2017

Heathcliff And Catherine Earnshaw In Emily Bronte? S & # 8220 ; Wuthering Heights & # 8221 ; Essay, Research Paper

Love is an astonishing emotion. People spend much of their lives seeking for true

love. When true love is found, people will make everything possible to keep on to and

care for it for infinity. It is said that true love can merely be found one time in a life-time that is

filled with intense everlasting emotions. A authoritative illustration of this powerful emotion is

displayed by the characters Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw in Emily Bronte? s

Wuthering Highs.

Wuthering Heights examines a passionate and overpowering love between its

cardinal characters, Cathy and Heathcliff. Their love is profound and filled with passion

unlike any other. Its strength physiques from their childhood until the ill-timed decease of

Catherine. The extent of this love is exemplified during Heathcliff and Catherine? s

interactions with each other, during Catherine? s statements to Nelly, and during

Catherine? s decease where Heathcliff and Catherine embracing for the last clip.

When Catherine and Heathcliff were immature, they would? run off to the Moors

in the forenoon and stay at that place all twenty-four hours? ( 44 ) . They spent a batch of clip together playing

like kids. It is in this clip that they create their ageless bond. Catherine and

Heathcliff spend about every waking hr together and necessarily fall in love. Whenever

Catherine and Heathcliff talk about their love, their tone is high and wild. No words

could perchance show the great passion they portion, yet it becomes obvious in their

? interactions together? .

At one point, Catherine stays at Thrushcross Grange for five hebdomads and comes

back a different adult female and her visual aspect seems more refined and polished. She has

been influenced by the Lintons, peculiarly Edgar who she has developed an infatuation

with. She has changed and? seems? to look at Heathcliff in a different mode. Catherine

says to him? Why how really black and cross you look! and how-how good story and

grim! ? ( 52 ) . Heathcliff can? t believe his ears. He is so angry that he refuses to agitate custodies

with her: ? I shall non stand to be laughed at, I shall non bear it? ( 52 ) . Heathcliff admirations

subsequently if she misses him: ? Do you say she has about forgotten me? Every idea she

spends on Linton, she spends a 1000 on me? ( 149 ) . The idea of Catherine loving

another is unfathomable to Heathcliff, but he is convinced that she still loves him more.

Here once more, even when there is non an obvious show of love, it lies merely below the

surface of their interactions.

Another side of the love shared between Catherine and Heathcliff is revealed in

statements by Catherine to the

servant Nelly Dean: ? Whatever psyches are made of, his and

mine are the same & # 8230 ; Nelly I am Heathcliff? ( 182 ) . Catherine loves Heathcliff so much that

she feels that they portion the same psyche. Nothing can of all time interrupt this bond.

Catherine herself so compares her love for Edgar and her love for Heathcliff: ? My love

for Linton is like the leaf in the forests. Time will alter it & # 8230 ; My love for Heathcliff

resembles the ageless stones beneath-a beginning of small seeable delectation, but necessary? ( 82 ) .

It is as though she realizes the superficial love she has for Edgar and the ageless love she

has for Heathcliff. Catherine knows she is about to get married the incorrect adult male. What she does

non recognize is that this error will finally convey about her death.

While Catherine layed on her deathbed, she is visited by Heathcliff. In this last

interaction, they throw accusals of treachery at each other with ardent strength. In

Catherine? s craze, she realizes her error of get marrieding Edgar, but knows now there is

nil she can make about it. She in on the brink of decease, and profoundly declinations bewraying her


Why did you contemn me? Why did you bewray your ain bosom Cathy? I have non

one word of comfort-you deserve this. You have killed yourself. Yes, you may

snog me and call ; and contorting out my busss and cryings & # 8230 ; you loved me-then what right

had you to go forth me? I have non broken you bosom & # 8230 ; and in interrupting it, you have

broken mine ( 161 ) .

Heathcliff is clearly angry at Catherine but he still loves her. He embraces her before he

foliages, wishing that he could merely keep her forever.

After Catherine dies, Heathcliff becomes really overwrought and feels that he can non

survive entirely. He curses her spirit out of choler and treachery: ? May she wake in

torture & # 8230 ; May you non rest every bit long as I am populating & # 8230 ; Oh God! It is ineffable! I can non populate

without my life! I can non populate without my psyche? ( 167 ) . Heathcliff does non desire her psyche to

remainder. He wishes for her to stalk him so that they can be together, at least partly, but yet


Catherine and Heathcliff in Emily Bronte? s Wuthering Heights travel an intense

and passionate route. Their intense and passionate love is apparent in their interations with

each other, their interactions with others, and particularly their last interaction when

Catherine is on the brink of deceasing. With the love they portion, Catherine and Heathcliff

endure many adversities in their journey. Mistakes are made and repent is formed.

However, they have built their love on the foundation of their psyches, which will last for an

infinity. In decease they will roll together, their psyches intertwined as one. Nothing can

divide them now.

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