Heather Headley by Heather Headley

7 July 2019

“The relationship album”
Boy is Heather Headley self titled album great!

I can’t express the way I feel while listening to it. It’s like a album made for a audience of females. She chose great diction which got my attention. Every song speaks on relationships which gave me the idea of the title “The relationship album” . Three of my favorite songs are “Letter,” “Am I worth it” and “Wait a minute”.

Heather Headley by Heather Headley Essay Example

Heather Headley worked with a host of top producers on this album, including Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston. She turned these world class music makers into true fans. Dallas Austin stated that “Heather is a exceptional artist with a beautiful voice. Working with her was truly an enlightening experience. When listening to my favorite songs I singled out some of the lyrics that meant the most to me.

“Letter” states “Not that it matter to you I wrote this with clear dry eyes, years of being mistreated by you I cried all the tears I can cry”.
This part of the song stood out the most to me because the whole song is about her writing a letter expressing her feelings. She was saying during all her time being with him she cried so she can’t cry any more. This made me believe that him being her weakness gave her strength. She showed growth and by saying that she let him know that she’s over him.

“Am I worth it” states “see to have your heart in my possession would mean everything but would you rather live loveless or would you live for me”.
The message I got from this saying is that it would mean the world to have his heart with her. But she’s questioning would he rather live lonely or live with her in his life for comfort. She want to know if she’s worth being with him.
This made me feel like a man can tell you anything but it’s the actions that really matter. He have to prove that you’re worth it.

“Wait a minute” states “I got a dozen things on my mind issues with you are the first in line, I never thought it would be true I was labeled a fool for chasing after you”
To me this means that out of everything she’s going through he’s the biggest problem of it all. She trusted him and didn’t expect him to be the one to make her look foolish.

Listening to the majority of Heather’s songs I can tell that she’s speaking on relationships. This makes me vehemently believe that she’s been through situations in her relationship. Maybe the only way she can express herself is through her music lyrics.

If you have ever been in a situation with a lover for the good and bad you should purchase Heather’s album. She knows how to find the right words to say.

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