Heavy Metal Essay Research Paper The Effect

8 August 2017

Heavy Metal Essay, Research Paper

The Effect of Heavy Metal Music

Musical penchants are every bit diverse as the people who listen to it. Different types of music have different reputes. Heavy metal music is frequently labeled as & # 8220 ; negative. & # 8221 ; Yet others find it a harmless signifier of music. The statement presented in this paper will demo that heavy metal music poses no menace to the wellbeing of its hearers.

Like other types of music, such as wind, blues, and even knap. The distinguishable manner of heavy metal music can be grouped into three chief subdivisions ( Ratliff 1 ) . One popular manner of heavy metal is decease metal. Death metal has a more dark sound and eerie manner than other signifiers of heavy metal. The music itself is fast, heavy, and loud. The images that decease metal portrays are decease, day of reckoning, devastation, self-destruction, sex, and drugs. Some see these images as harmful or holding a negative consequence on the hearer ( Halbersberg 1 ) .

Another signifier of heavy metal music is speed metal. Speed metal has a more cheerful sound than decease metal and is non every bit dejecting as decease metal. It is fast paced and has a difficult impact The lead guitar follows a frantic gait. This is in contrast to decease metal which emphasizes beat guitar ( Graff 3 ) .

The last type of heavy metal music is thrast metal. The name refers to both the threshing sound of the music and the flailing motion of its hearers. The sound is really loud and has the same tone and manner of velocity metal ( Graff 3 ) . These manners nevertheless, pull certain people.

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The bulk of people who listen to heavy metal music are suburban white males. These males range in ages between 14-24. They have a certain manner of frock and manner of life. They wear dark vesture with morbid images of decease and devastation. This vesture can be seen to be a costume that advertises the teens & # 8217 ; musical penchant. It is a manner of acquiring attending. Surprisingly, even though the crowds tend to be immature, grownups are besides seen at these concerts. One illustration of an grownup and a parent is Dave Mullins. He likes to take his boies to see decease metal shows. ( Graff 1 ) Mullins says about decease metal, & # 8220 ; I did see one set that had a clear bag with a foetus inside it. It looked gross, but it was merely a joke. When I & # 8217 ; m watching the childs, they & # 8217 ; re merely allowing off steam. When I was a child, we used to crush people up after school. This seems better to me. & # 8221 ; ( Graff 1 ) Of class, non all parents agree with Mullins.

Parents want the best for their kids, but sometimes their attempts are non good. When parents nag their kids about what they should and should non listen to, childs can go angry and down. This perchance can take to imbibing and drug usage, and self-destruction. Parents can fault this behaviour on the music that their childs are listening to. A group of parents formed the Parent Music Resource Center in the 80 & # 8217 ; s ( Gonzales 1 ) . Even the Vice-presidents married woman, Tipper Gore, got involved. She led the centre in the battle against heavy metal music. The centre & # 8217 ; s chief ends were to destruct heavy metal music and all other music that had a negative message. They were effectual in censoring some groups from record shops and call offing some concerts. However, Tipper Gore & # 8217 ; s mission failed to kill off heavy metal music. The Parent Music Resource Center still exists, but it is non every bit powerful as it one time was ( Gonzales 3 ) . This group ne’er examined whether heavy metal music could be a healthy mercantile establishment for aggrssion.

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A well known psychologist from Durham, Stephanie Pinder-Amaker, said that music can act upon a individual & # 8217 ; s province of head. In her surveies she found that & # 8220 ; if people listen to music that is faster than their bosom rate, such as heavy metal, it increases the bosom rate. If you & # 8217 ; re seeking

to increase your energy degree, it might be a good manner to bring forth excitement. & # 8221 ; ( Freelon 1 ) Heavy metal music by increasing the bosom rate of its hearers can be seen as a signifier of exercising or a phys

ical release.

Surveies have been done on the consequence of heavy metal music. Roe and King, kid head-shrinkers at the University of Iowa examined the effects of heavy metal music on adolescents societal behaviour. These surveies show that many teens who thought earnestly about self-destruction and abused drugs listened to heavy metal, but they besides showed no direct connexion between the music and these actions. ( Freelon 2 ) Another recent study done by the University of Iowa reported that adolescent female difficult stone fans thought about self-destruction more frequently than people that listened to other types of music. However most of the females who thought about self-destruction were excessively scared of deceasing to seek it. ( Freelon 2 ) One positive consequence of this music was that even if the adolescent was experiencing bad and low, listening to his or her favourite music helped him or her feel better once more. ( Freelon 2 )

In another trial, teens and their parents were surveyed to look into the association between heavy metal music and teens & # 8217 ; societal map. The people taking the study were asked about current and past psychological operation, every bit good as their music penchants. The consequences indicated that teens who preferred heavy metal music had a higher incidence of below-average school classs, school behaviour jobs, sexual activity, drug and intoxicant usage, and apprehensions. Despite this, it was apparent that the teens & # 8217 ; place lives were stable with two parents, good life

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conditions and sound fiscal position. ( Took 1 ) Although it seems that heavy metal music was perverting teens & # 8217 ; lives, there was no direct correlativity between hapless behaviour and heavy metal music. Some hearers do non ever understand what they are listening to.

One survey group, Prinsky and Rosenbaum, found that many teens who listen to heavy metal music misinterpreted the wordss. This misunderstanding was said to be due to the teens & # 8217 ; limited life experience and immature development. Unlike grownups, who find mentions to sex, force, drugs and Satan, teens tended to construe the wordss of their favourite vocals as being about love, political relations, turning up, friendly relationship, and other appropriate topics.

Many people do non take this music earnestly. Brian Slagel, CEO of Metal Blade Records, says:

I think the genre as a whole is serious in desiring to floor people, but it besides has its lingua planted in its cheek. These sets don & # 8217 ; t do cannibalistic things, they do non idolize Satan. They don & # 8217 ; t do all the things people think they do. If you take it earnestly, you & # 8217 ; re further off the deep terminal than most people, I think.

& # 8211 ; Graff 1

In other words, the content can be discounted because it is non meant to be taken literally. On phase, groups of decease metal sing about Satan, social ailments, cannibalism and sex with decomposing cadavers. But to fans its amusement. & # 8220 ; It & # 8217 ; s good violent merriment, & # 8221 ; says Ron Holt, 26, a decease metal fan. & # 8220 ; Its like seeing Jason cut person & # 8217 ; s head off ; it helps me let go of my aggressions, but it doesn & # 8217 ; t intend I & # 8217 ; m traveling to travel out and make it. & # 8221 ; ( Graff 1 ) David Horn, from Metal Blade Records, says:

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The difference between this type of music and something like gangsta blame, is that heavy metal is reasonably much firmly based in phantasy & # 8230 ; I don & # 8217 ; t believe a vocal about some mystical war or murdering a barbaric poses every bit much of a menace every bit far as influencing people.

& # 8211 ; Graff 1

In decision, heavy metal music, while much maligned, has non been found to earnestly damage hearers & # 8217 ; lives. Yes, it is violent and depicts images of day of reckoning and devastation, but it should non be interpreted as a negative influence on its hearers. Teenss will go on to listen to music their parents do non care for. Heavy metal music can be healthy for the head psychologically every bit good as physically. When people look at heavy metal music, they should non see it as a negative influence, but as a curative release for teenage energy or angst.


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