Heavy Metal

4 April 2018

There are many varying opinions on the true origin of Heavy Metal. Over time have developed my own, however; it is important to note one Of the primary sources have used for information on the subject. In his work, The Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal, Daniel Babushka(2003) lays out a clear and certifiable history of the genre. Reading this work, was able to research various bands for their influence on this style of music. Heavy Metal derives its sound from a fusion of Blues, Rock, and guitar distortion.Developed by experimental teenagers whom like every other generation were actively seeking ways of escaping from their parent’s influences, the sound followed the principles of Rock and Roll by becoming more aggressive and substantially louder.

The first signs of life can be found in the early ass’s, where bands such as Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin had established themselves as something altogether different.

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The youth naturally embraced this new style, and METAL 3 Heavy Metal was born. As the generation responsible for Heavy Metal grew, so to did the genre itself.During the ass’s, Heavy Metal reached an unprecedented level of popularity. Bands like Iron Maiden, Consequences, and Rainbow introduced a new level Of musicianship that rooted itself as the standard. Unfortunately, with increased popularity there was also an increase in demand. Major record labels began pushing low quality bands in order to satisfy the masses.

This resulted in a popularity backlash towards the end of the ass. A new generation of youth began seeking their own musical voice, and Heavy Metal entered its dark age.The ass proved to be the proverbial “death” of Heavy Metal. After the air waves became saturated with mediocre bands, there was a movement for something different. At first the answer was Grunge, a short lived movement lead by Nirvana. However, this was quickly overridden by the introduction of Rap. Being Metal’s exact opposite, the popularity of Rap made re-establishing a Metal movement impossible, although bands such as Painter and Iced Earth certainly tried.

It was not until the end of the ass’s that Heavy Metal began showing signs of life once again.The New Millennium has seen a strong revival of the genre. With Rap reaching its peak during the late ass’s, it has now encountered the same problem as its predecessor. A massive production of low quality artists has saturated the air waves, and as a result there is an ongoing search for the next sound. Many have found their answer in the rediscovery of Metal. Europe, Asia, and North METAL 4 America have all become breeding grounds for new bands such as Camelot, Sonata Artic, and Pagan’s Mind. With this renewed interest in the genre, HeavyMetal looks as though it has every intention Of making a strong come back.

Heavy Metal is a genre that demands the utmost loyalty from its fans. The average Metal collection contains nearly 30 years worth of history, and that is perhaps the strongest testament to the staying power of Heavy Metal. Once a band has established itself, it remains etched in the genre’s history forever, to be celebrated by listeners for years to come. Heavy Metal is not a random fad, but rather a musical force backed by a multitude of followers. It is a musical phenomenon that will never die.

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