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9 September 2017

Hebrews Essay, Research Paper

The Hebrews started out enslaved by the Egyptians until they were freed by Moses around 1250 BC. Then the Exodus began from Egypt to the promised land. Moses led the Hebrews to Mt. Sinai to expect the word of the Godhead. Moses dies and his replacement Joshua, boy of Nun, comes to convey his people to assail E of the Jordan river in Jericho against the Canaanites. Next, was the conquest of Hazor, one of the strongest towns in Canaan the Isrealites took over Hazor and the most Canaanite imperium.

Before Israel had its first monarchy there was a system of tribal society. There were 12s folks who were led in times of peace by the seniors and in times of war by the Judgess. The Judges were more like the tribal chieftains several of the Judges were active at the same clip, each taking his ain folk into conflict with a different enemy. There was war invariably with many different peoples: ? the five Godheads of the Philistines, the Canaanites, the Sidonians, and the Hivites who lived on Mt. Lebanon? ( Judges,3:3 ) The most ferocious of all the people were the Philistines, a sea people, who landed on the shores of Canaan around the terminal of the 13th century BCE. By the 11th century the Philistines had five major lands in Canaan ( Gaza, Ashdod, Asshkelon, Eekron, and Gath ) and were invariably at war with the Hebrewss trying to coerce them inland.

The last poetry in the book of Judges? In those yearss there was no male monarch in Israel and every adult male did what was right in his ain eyes? this proves that the Israelites needed a King. Samuel last of the Judges was chosen to name a male monarch. The first male monarch of the Hebrewss in 1029 BCE was Saul who came from the folk of Benjamin which was between the northern folk of Ephriam and the southern folk of Judah. Saul defeated

the Ammonites in Gilead, the Moabites, the Amalekites, the Arameans, the Edomites. Saul even held the progress of the Philistines. Despite Saul? s triumphs he failed to force the Philistines to the coastal field and tenseness grew between Saul and the prophesier Samuel. Saul non executing up to par to the word of the Godhead harmonizing to Samuel ; Saul was ousted and a new male monarch to be named. Saul would decease in conflict a short piece after his dethroning against the Philistines on Mt. Gilboa.

The Israelites would necessitate a new male monarch to govern the freshly formed land so Samuel chose David of Bethlehem, the killer of Goliath. For seven old ages a civil war was fought between the folks controlled by David the new male monarch and Ish-Bosheth boy of Saul. The civil war ended when Ish-Bosheth was murdered and the people asked David to salvage them from the Philistines. David non merely maintained the imperium left to him by Saul but fortified it to a major political and spiritual power in that country. The new male monarch defeated the Arameans and annexed Aram-Damascus in the E he routed the Moabites, subjugated the province of Edom, and defeated the Ammonites. In order to maintain a secure northern boundary line David made a treaty with Hiram, King of Tyre. David would non halt there he would travel on to get rid of all Canaanite enclaves and took the metropolis of Jerusalem from the Jebusites strengthening a capital for the strongest land on the Fertile Crescent.

David was acquiring old and his worsening wellness started to do contending between the boies and priests who the following male monarch would be. The following male monarch was Solomon who was appointed by David before his decease in 967 BCE. Solomon to demo every one in the land he was a serious leader he began to strike out against all his enemies. Some were banished some exiled. Solomon built temples and lasting towns.

Solomon? s land did non outlast his decease. The land was instantly split in two Rehoboam ruled the South and Jeroboam ruled the North. The two lands fought a war for decennaries over land, civilization, and faith. The Israelites lost most of the land due to the internal combat. Samiaria was founded in 877 BCE and Jehoshaphat was the swayer ( of Judah ) from 870 BCE wh

O ruled for 25 old ages. Under Jehoram boy of Jehoshaphat the two lands were once more unified. he besides secure Edom in the South and established a safe trade path through Negev. Uzziah came to power in 785 BCE and was the following swayer. He built the metropolis Elath and widen the regulation left to him by Jehoshaphat.

In 722 BCE the Kingdom of Israel ceased to be. The Assyrians captured Samaria and made it one of there states. Tiglath-Pileser III who occupied Syria weakened the Israeli imperium with changeless conflicts which allowed the Assyrians to take over. Twenty old ages after the autumn of the land of Israel Sennacherib besieged Jerusalem in 701 BCE. The Assyrian power rapidly diminished by 598 BCE and was rapidly taken over by the Babylonians under the regulation of Nebuchadnezzar who fleetly conquered Jerusalem and exiled 10,000 followings of Judah. In 586 BCE the last male monarch Zedekiah was captured and Jerusalem destroyed. Zedekiah boies were slain in his presence and his eyes were taken out Zedekiah was in ironss, blind, and banished to Babylon.

The Persians under the regulation of Cyrus in 539 BCE conquered the Babylonian imperium and ruled all of western Asia. Cyrus made a jurisprudence that all conquered people could return to their fatherland and reconstruct their temples. Cambyses comes to power of the Persian imperium and conquered Egypt 525 BCE. The people revolted and overthrew Cambyses three old ages subsequently Darius I comes into power. His dynasty would last until Alexander the Great in 331 BCE.

The Jews Begin to scatter throughout southern Egypt after Alexander the Great took over in 332 BCE. In 301 BCE Ptolemy I attacks Palistine and sends all the Jews to Alexandria The bible ( the Septuagint ) was translated into Greek in Alexandria circa 250 BCE. During the 5th Syrian war Seleucid Antiochus III conquers all of Syria and Phoniciaexcept Gazacirca 202 BCE. In 161 BCE Judah Maccabee? s envoies set up diplomatic dealingss with the Roman Republic. The Romans forbid the Jews proselytize or construct temples and are banned from Rome in 139 BCE. Flaccus a Roman governor prevents Jews in his provience to direct parts to Jerusalem. Julius Caesar decease is mourned by Jews of Rome as a helper of their people March 44 BCE. Augustus allows Jews to direct shekel to the Temple. In 19 ACE Tiberius? reign prohibited the spread of the Judaic religion by taking four-thousand Jews of military age and sends them to contend in Sardinia the remainder are banished. Anti-Jewish public violences break out in Alexandria during Galius Caligulas? reign. Many Jews are killed and the remainder leave their places and signifier gettos in one one-fourth of the metropolis, Thirty-eight members of the Gerusia are arrested and flogged. The Jews were granted a forgiveness by the following swayer nevertheless, Claudius said, ? Because I believe they are worthy of it for their trueness and friendly relationship to the Romans. ? Claudius affirms Jews rights to Alexandria.

This nevertheless did non halt the adversities for the Jews. The land of Israel is made into a Roman state governed by an functionary of equestrian rank circa 6 ACE. In 26 ACE Pontius Pilate is appointed proxy and tensenesss mount between Romans and Jews. The decease of John the Baptist in 30 ACE the Romans accused Jesus of Nazareth of feigning to be King of the Jews is crucified. The accession of Claudius wishing to pacify the Jews and his personal friendly relationship with Agrippa, Claudius places for the first clip in a half-century all the lands of Palestine. Tensions rise between Greeks and Jews towards the terminal of the 50? s ACE. The great rebellion against Rome leaves Jerusalem into Roman hands one time once more. Around 66 ACE tonss of Jews in Damascus are taken to a secondary school and massacred. Judea becomes a Roman state once more under the leading of a Roman functionary. During 117 ACE Judea becomes a belongings of Hadrian. He will see in 129 ACE and dishonor the Judaic people by constructing a heathen metropolis on top of the citation of where Jerusalem had stood. From that day of the month until the Arab conquering the Jews are forbidden to populate in the metropolis.


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