Hefty Hardware Case Study

1 January 2018

First IT had a problem of not being able to communicate in non-technical terms to business or in ways that top management could understand them as to what they needed to help the business accomplish their most important strategic goals. Secondly business at Hefty Hardware didn’t have the right people in-terms of subject matter expects (SMEs) on the business side of Hefty Hardware who understood the business of Hefty Hardware and also had some solid backgrounds in IT who could in-turn communicate the business needs of the various departments of Hefty Hardware to IT in ways that IT could understand to make sure that all projects they, IT embarked on yielded the right deliverables for the departments they undertook the projects for i.e. their project sponsors. Thirdly because of the first two issues I have stated prior, as stated in Pearson Learning Solutions (2013) it took too long to deliver any sort of technology to the field, and when it didn’t work the way the field staff wanted it, the IT folks just shrugged and told the field staff to add it to the list for next release. (p.327).

Fourth issues was that business at Hefty Hardware didn’t see how IT was contributing to creating and executing new business value and strategy to Hefty Hardware. Firth issue was that the IT folks thought they were too busy that they didn’t have the time to spare to travel to see how the field operations worked. Sixth issue was the IT folks thought they already knew the processes of the field staff so travelling to go visit the field offices to see and learn their processes was a waste of time. Seventh issue was that, according to Pearson Learning Solutions (2013), as Jenny stated, “these tech guys are so brilliant, but they can’t even seem to connect what they know to what the business thinks it needs. (p.329) and the eighth issue was that, according to Pearson Learning Solutions (2013), the IT folks were “too farsighted and needed to just paint the next couple of steps of what could be done, not the “flying around in jetpacks vision. (p.329) they always tried to present.

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