Hegemonic Masculinity in Sociology Text

4 April 2015
A discussion on how the topic of hegemonic masculinity is presented in three sociology texts.

This paper discusses hegemonic masculinity which is defined as masculinity constructed in relation to the various subordinate masculinities as well as in relation to women. The paper shows how this topic is demonstrated in three sociology texts: “Riding The Bull at Gilley’s by Scully and Marolla, Selling Crack by Anderson, and Fraternities and Rape on Campus by Martin and Hummer. The paper shows that these articles name hegemonic masculinity as one of the main culprits to the social problem they address.
Many offenders believe that they have the right, because they are men, to discipline and punish women. Rape is used to put women in their place. Thus the men prove their manhood. The most disturbing scenario involves the idea of an added bonus. The men in these situations were burglarizing a residence and figured why not rape the homeowner, after realizing they were in control of the situation. The last type of rape was that of sexual access. When a woman was unwilling or unavailable, the rapist is able to seize what is not offered, rape of conquest. Many of these rapes involve white victims and black perpetrators.
Overall, most of the rapists suggest that they believe their victims deserved being raped or were asking for it. Many also felt that they had not committed a crime at all. In the final analysis, it was found that dominance was the objective of most rapes. To dominate a subordinate group in order to prove his masculinity, a man is engaging in a show of hegemonic masculinity.”
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