Helen and Andromache

2 February 2017

According to our classic knowledge; there are lots of types of women and men. If we degrade those types of woman characteristics to number of two there will be in our pocket the woman who is struggle for her family and diabolic woman characteristic.

In Trojan War first characteristic is more suitable for the Andromache and the second characteristic is for the Helene. All the Trojan War occurred because of Helene and Paris’s love fault. In this situation Helene represents the woman’s passionate characteristic who leads men to the wrong ways. Helene associated with the devil side of the women.In my perspective; Helene wants Paris to get into the war for only her own honor because, if Paris does not get into the war, all the people will say that “Helene look at your coward husband, he did not take risk for you at the battle field”. On the other hand Helene said that all the war occurred because of her. When talking with Hector she told that “I wish all the happened things did not happened”.

Helen and Andromache Essay Example

She did not realistic in this situation because when they escaped from her husband’s country they know what will be their action’s results so her words are not realistic.Her words were like shrive. She felt guilty herself so wanted to relieve herself. Furthermore, Helene cheated his ex-husband with Paris. Even if she has a daughter from the Menelaus she did not avoid cheat him with Paris. On the other hand Andromache represents the intelligence side of the women. Classic family women role suits for the Andromache.

When the hector came to the near of the Andromache, she did not spoke about the honor because there is no honor for the Hector in that war.His only notion was protecting his country from the enemies. Andromache did not want his husband to get into war because she afraid from the results of the war on her family. However she knows that Hector has to get into the war, because if they lose the war there will not be any place for them to live as a family. She knows this reality and knows also that Hector will not come again. As a conclusion Helene and Andromache are very different characteristic in the poem.Helene represents the devil side of the women who leads men to the wrong way like being enemy with other kings of the Greek.

Helene and Paris was being a victim of their passion and they trail all the Trojan warriors. On the other hand the role thinking realistic is more suitable to Andromache. Her inference from course of the war was too realistic. She knows everything that she will be encounter after the war. If the Andromache be the Helene she did not come to the troy with Paris. Andromache thinks about the results of her action.

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