Helen of Troy

1 January 2017

Reaction Paper This is a review/reaction paper for the movie Troy released in 2004, directed by Wolfgang Petersen and screenplay by David Benioff. Cast of characters: Achilles – Brad Pitt Hector – Eric Bana Helen of Troy – Diane Kruger Paris – Orlando Bloom King Priam – Peter O’Toole Menelaus – Brendan Gleeson Agamemnon – Brian Cox Patroclus – Garrett Hedlund Odysseus – Sean Bean Briseis – Rose Byrne Troy is a film adaptation of the epic Iliad.

It is a good movie for its entertainment value but not for its likeness to the narrative by Homer. It s a movie made to entertain the audience, not to tell the story of the events that happened in Iliad. There are many inconsistencies between Iliad and the movie Troy. One of them that stands out is the absence of gods in the film. As we all know, the setting of Iliad is inhabited by gods that interfere directly with humans and there are many instances in Iliad where the gods interacted with the humans.

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Thetis, the mother of Achilles is the only deity seen in the movie. More important divine occurrences like the Judgment of Paris (the cause of the Trojan War) and the priest killed by Poseidon’s serpents (as seen in The Odyssey) were left out. This major discrepancy itself takes the film away from being a true adaptation of Iliad. A mythological story without the gods is like a play without the supporting characters. Troy’s visuals are stunning. The Trojans and Greeks are all clad in beautiful armor.

The city of Troy looked exactly as one would imagine it to be – a grand city protected by impenetrable walls. The clashes between the two armies are wonderful to watch with the bird’s eye camera view of the battlefield showing detailed fights between opposing soldiers. Much of the film’s $175 million budget surely went to visual production. Diane Kruger as Helen of Troy As for the actors, they all met my expectations, though barely for some. Brad Pitt is fit for the role of the brave Achilles but he could have shown more facial expressions to show his emotions.

Diane Kruger is exquisite but hardly the one I would consider the most beautiful. Peter O’Toole is perfect for the role of old and wise King Priam. I didn’t like the actors for Agamemnon and Menelaus. Though they certainly looked ruthless and merciless, their characters didn’t command respect worthy of a king. Troy is based loosely on the story of one of the greatest wars ever told. It was not hyped up to be a loyal big screen adaptation of the Trojan War but an entertaining movie with a famous background story.

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