Hell is Just a Social Thing

5 May 2019

Sartre once said, “Hell is other people”. Don’t you agree?

What causes us to do things we normally wouldn’t do? Sneaking out of the house at night, texting words you would never dare normally say, hang with the wrong crowd. Their sultry poisonous words of wrong somehow erode into our imperfect minds and cause a hormonal misbalance that creates another personality that wreaks the havoc. It is what others do and say to us that makes hell.

Hell is Just a Social Thing Essay Example

What causes emotional stress? He cheated on you, your best friend moved away, they all called you an ugly pig. We experience grief when a loved one passes away. People hurt when people hurt them. It is others that cause hell. Hell is a social thing. The more we socialize, the more pins we set up to be knocked down and the harder life throws that bowling ball. But without social interaction, there wouldn’t be a human species, no life, maybe even no Earth. So who’s to say that Earth isn’t just a compilation of Hell?

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