4 April 2015
A comparative analysis of the concept of hell in the two works: “The Divine Comedy” and “The Aeneid.”

This paper explores the concept of hell as represented by Dante in “The Divine Comedy” and by Publius Vergilius Maro in “The Aeneid”. The idea of different tiers for different sinners in hell, present in each of these works, is compared and contrasted.
“The journeys through Hell, as described by Dante Alighieri, in “The Devine Comedy,” and Publius Vergilius Maro, in “The Aeneid”, Book VI, are conceptually similar but different in details. In fact, Dante’s, The Devine Comedy was highly influenced by the writing of Vergil, and it is shown by Dante’s choice to make the trip to the underworld with the poet, Vergil.

“The first point that makes their descriptions similar is that each traveler, Aeneas, in The Aeneid, and Dante, in The Devine Comedy, start their journey of Hell in dark, black woods. After making their way through the dark, black woods, they end up at the river shores. Here there is a difference between the two poems.”

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