Hello;25 by Adele

10 October 2019

“Hello, can you hear me?” This line is from the song Hello, by the British singer/ songwriter Adele Adkins. This song has already made a huge impact on many people. Adele recently let out the opening song “Hello” to her new album 25 (her 3rd full album since her singing career began in 2006). The new song “Hello” has been a big hit in all of North America, and is something to talk about during the recent month. The album 25 was officially released on November 20, 2015. Many fans were eager for Adele to release the album, especially after hearing her outstanding voice in the opening song “Hello”.
Adele’s third album 25 is about making up for the lost time, and becoming someone new without realizing it. The full 25 album includes songs like, “I Miss you”, “All I Ask,” “River Lea”, “Million Years Ago”,” Send My Love”, and the hit single “Hello”. The songs are not particularly about heartbreak, but about looking back at your life and what you have done. Every lyric that comes out of Adele’s mouth flows like she has said it throughout her entire life. Each song in this album is very relatable to Adele herself, and to the people who listen to her music. Her voice is soothing to the soul especially to her fans after her 4 year disappearance. Adele took time off to spend with her son, which gives the album more understanding because she went through a new life experience. Fans all around the world waited for this album to come out, and I am definitely one of them.
Focusing on her hit single “Hello”, this song will bring back memories and make you miss that person you noticed on the subway 2 years ago but didn’t approach. This song may make you cry, even after the 68th time listening to it. The song is a heartwarming ballad that continues the reign of Adele’s tear-jerking voice. Lines from this song embrace Adele’s inner self like, “Hello from the other side, I must’ve called a thousand times, to tell you I’m sorry…”. This line shows that Adele wants to make up for lost time, but does not know how. The message of “Hello” is to: find out who you have really become without realizing it.
25 will be an album popular for ages 10-25+ for all genders for many years. Adele always pleases people and will keep pleasing them. This is shown by previous sales of 37 million albums. Adele’s songs are incredibly life changing. This album will be the one that you will be listening to on replay when snowed in from work or school.

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