Helping Others Rewards You

You By: Christopher Prasetya Mulya 7E/05 What is ‘Helping’ means to you? Helping to me is doing something out of kindness of my heart and not expecting for return. Sometimes people don’t realize it, because they were to busy about their own bussiness and didn’t care to others. I’m sure all of you already heard the word ‘Helping’ before. It sounds very easy to do, but actually it’s very difficult indeed. Why? I’m sure when you saw homeless people in the street there is an eager desire to help them, but the problem is we didn’t have courage to translate it in the form of helping others.

As a human being, we can’t deny that there must be a problem you are having in your life. From that statement it means that all people need help, but sometimes we don’t want to admit it. When we help other people it could make a gigantic impact on their life. For example, I help my lazy friend to study so they can improve their score. By doing that, I could alter them from lazy become a dilligent student. One reason why we have to help others is that we could save other people life. When we donate some clothes that we didn’t use anymore to orphans, unwittingly I just helpped them so they could have new clothes to wear on.

Another reason is because it’s beneficial for both side. For example, when we willing to teach our friend in Physics both side will be happy, our friend will be happy cause they can do the test and at the same time we will be more expert in Physics. So, why don’t we just establish a better world to live by helping each other? A person can’t change anything, but a bunch of people that have a high tolerance to others could make an alter in this world. Let’s together build our dream place to stay!

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