Helping Others

10 October 2016

The reasons supporting yes outweigh the opposing answer by a landslide. One reason many would help is because it simply saves lives. For example, proof of this observation can be clearly seen in the Joseph Kony case. In November of 2008, the U. S. sent out troops to capture Kony. This action, in turn, led to the fleeing of Kony and the rescuing of hundreds of children. Without the Americans help, Kony would not have fled and those hundreds of children would not have been saved. The saving of hundreds of lives clearly displays how the assistance of others is crucial.

This support saved lives. Another example of how helping others can save lives can be seen in any young child today. PBS ran tests in 2009 to see if helping others was in our genes. They tested this by taking children around the age of two and creating scenes where it seemed sensible to help whoever that child had met that was in need of help. In a particular test, a man had dropped a clothespin on another side of a wall where it had become unreachable to him. Instinctively, the child jumped to his feet, seeming eager to help the man by picking up the clothespin and handing it to him.

Helping Others Essay Example

This test suggests altruistic motivation that can be traced back to our ancestors. This impulse to help others during ancient times was used in hope to increase the chances of that being living. A final example supporting how helping others can save lives can be seen whenever you turn on your local news channel. Constantly, news media is highlighting stories of heroes; anyone who stepped in to save the lives of strangers. This is a perfect example on how helping saves lives. This shows how even the littlest things can make an immense difference.

By just making a simple phone call, whether it is the president ordering troops to clear out a town in danger, or a regular joe calling 911. In conclusion, near or far, looking out for others helps everyone in the long run. Another reason why many would support others who are short handed is because they feel they have a moral obligation to do so. One reason others feel scared to assist those in need is because they feel we sometimes do not have a complete understanding of what we are trying to fix.

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