Henry Dumas

9 September 2017

& # 8211 ; Online Poems Essay, Research Paper


We move up a spinal column of Earth

That bridges the river and the canal.

And where a deceasing white log, finger-like,

Floating off the bank, claws at the incline,

We stumble, and we laugh.

We slow beneath the Moon & # 8217 ; s oculus ;

Near the radiance of the river & # 8217 ; s blood face,

The canal & # 8217 ; s head covering of underbrush workout suits frost,

And this ancient watery cicatrix retains

The motionless cryings of work forces with troubled liquors.

For like the whole Earth,

This land of mine is soaked & # 8230 ; .

Shadows together,

We fall on the grass without a word.

We had run this far from the town.

We had taken the bony class, bouldery and narrow,

He taking, I following.

Our breath watercourse into October

As the air current sucks our perspiration and a foliage & # 8230 ;

“ We have come a long long manner, mahn. ”

He points over the river

Where it bends west, so E,

And leaves our sight.

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“ I guess we have, ” I pant. “ I can hear

My angry musculuss speaking to my castanetss. ”

And we laugh.

The goon of dark is coming.

Up the river, down the river

The sky and dark buss between the air current.

“ You know, ” Ben says, “ this is where

I brought Evelyn & # 8230 ; .

Look. We sat on that log

And watched a river egret

Till it flew off with the eventide.

“ But mahn, she is a amusing miss, Aiee!

But she looks like me Jamaica adult female & # 8230 ; .

But she asks me all the inquiries, mahn.

I & # 8217 ; m traveling to lose her mahn, Aiee!

“ But I will. . . Ewie. Ewie I love you,

But I do Ewie. . . Ewie. . . , ” he says

And blows a buss into the air current.

Broken shadows upon the canal

Form and fuzz, as foliages shudder once more & # 8230 ; once more

“ State me this, Ben, ” I say.

“ Do you love American misss?

You know, do most Jamaicans

Understand this state? ”

We about laugh. Our perspiration is gone.

He whispers “ Aiee ” on a long low breath

And we turn full circle to the river,

Our dorsums to the unsighted canal.

“ But I & # 8217 ; m non most Jamaicans & # 8230 ; .

I & # 8217 ; m merely Ben, and tomorrow I & # 8217 ; ll be gone,

And & # 8230 ; Ewie, I love you & # 8230 ; .

Aiee! My adult female, how can I love you? ”

Blurred images upon the river

Flow together and we are at that place & # 8230 ; .

“ What did she inquire you? ” I say.

“ Everything and nil, possibly.

But I couldn & # 8217 ; t state her all. ”

We about laugh. “ & # 8217 ; Cause I

Don & # 8217 ; t cognize it all, mahn.

“ Look, see over at that place & # 8230 ; .

We walked down from there

Where the park ends

And the canal Begins

Where that ruddy shale stone

Down the incline at that place. . . see?

Sits itself up like a figure,

We foremost touch our custodies. . .

And up floats this log,

Not in the river

But in the canal there

And it & # 8217 ; s slimy and old

And I kick it back. . .

And mahn, she does excessively.

Then she asks me:

& # 8216 ; Bennie, if I cry

When you leave would you

Remember me more? & # 8217 ;

Aiee! She & # 8217 ; s a natural goddess!

And she asks me:

& # 8216 ; Bennie, when you think of Jamaica

Can you visualize me at that place? & # 8217 ;

And while she & # 8217 ; s stating this,

She & # 8217 ; s making for the river

Current like she & # 8217 ; s experiencing its pulsation.

She asks me:

& # 8216 ; Bennie, America means something to you?

Possibly our meeting, our love? has

Something to make with America,

Like the river? Do you cognize Bennie? & # 8217 ;

Aiee, Aiee, mahn I tell you

She might do me get married. . .

Aiee! Ewie, Jamaica. . . Moon!

And how can I state anything?

I tell her:

& # 8216 ; Africa, someplace is Africa.

Make you understand, & # 8217 ; I say to her,

And she look at me with the Moon,

And I hear the

air current and the foliages

And we do non laugh. . .

We are so near now no air current between us. . .

I say to her:

& # 8216 ; Ewie, I do non cognize America

Except possibly in my cryings & # 8230 ; .

Possibly when I look out from Jamaica

Sometimes, at the ocean H2O & # 8230 ; .

Possibly so I know this state & # 8230 ; .

But I know that we, we Ewie & # 8230 ; .

I know that this river goes and goes.

She takes me to the ocean,

The female parent of H2O

And so I am home. & # 8217 ;

And she tells me she knows

By the silence in her eyes.

I reach our custodies once more down

And bathe them in the dark current

And I say: & # 8216 ; Take this river, Ewie & # 8230 ; . & # 8217 ;

Aiee, air current around us, Aiee my God!

Merely the dark knows how we kiss. ”

He stands up.

A raincloud sailing upon a leak, birrs

In the fleeting embracing of our memories & # 8230 ; .

“ Let & # 8217 ; s tally, ” I say, “ and warm these castanetss. ”

But he trots a spot, so stops,

Looking at his Jamaica sky.

“ Let & # 8217 ; s run the long route West

Down the river route, ” I say,

“ And I & # 8217 ; ll state you of my adult female & # 8230 ; .Aiee. ”

We laugh, but we stop.

And so, up the spiny ridge

We race through the trees

Like spirited fingers of frigid air.

We move toward some blurred

Mechanical visible radiation edged like an egret

And swallowed by the dark.

Into this land of mine.

And the air current is cold, a goad

Finger at our dorsums.

The still Earth. Except for us.

And from behind that ebon cloak,

The Moon observes & # 8230 ; .

And we do non express joy

And we do non shout, And where the land inclines,

We take the river & # 8230 ; .

But we do non falter,

We do non laugh,

We do non shout,

And we do non halt & # 8230 ; .

Online Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www2.mdcc.edu/north/asili/volii_3/nu00031.htm

Copyright? Loretta Dumas and Eugene Redmond, 1989/99


The great God Shango in the African sea

reached down with palm oil and oozed out me.

Online Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www2.mdcc.edu/north/asili/volii_3/nu00031.htm

Copyright? Loretta Dumas and Eugene Redmond, 1989/99


Peas in the cod

peas in my intestine

peas in the belly axial rotation

making the prance.

Blackeyes over

blackeyes down

blackeyes browneyes traveling to town

Online Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www2.mdcc.edu/north/asili/volii_3/nu00031.htm

Copyright? Loretta Dumas and Eugene Redmond, 1989/99


I made a yamship for my belly with my spoon

and sweet siting jelly bread kept me til midday.

Online Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www2.mdcc.edu/north/asili/volii_3/nu00031.htm

Copyright? Loretta Dumas and Eugene Redmond, 1989/99


brown sound cocoa


like the first clip

you saw grapes

and tasted them

and learned the colour


brown sound pick milk


like the first clip

you saw bees

and tasted gold

and learned the honey


brown sound Africa


like the first clip

you exploded between legs

and heard membranophones

and learned the message

of beats love

brown sound United States

pulsations plus forcing

down trees

like the first clip

you saw that wild brainsick Equus caballus

siting through painted comeuppances

and you learned the expansive canon

ruddy female parent

brown sound

black lineation

like the first clip

like the first clip

the first clip

is the last clip

like that

Online Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www2.mdcc.edu/north/asili/volii_3/nu00031.htm

Copyright? Loretta Dumas and Eugene Redmond, 1989/99

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