Herbal Remedies In India

4 April 2015
Examines ethnobotanical healing recipes for joints and gout, bronchitis, digestion problems, flu and constipation.


Since the 1950s the study of ethnobotany has increased. Ethnobotany is the word used to define the experience of people observing birds and animals, and testing leaves, fruits and tubers for abilities to satisfy hunger or heal wounds. India has elements that contribute to ethnobotanical richness, floristic diversity, ethnic diversity, and rich tradition; it has a variety of climatic and physiographical conditions, cold and arid, warm and human, hot and dry, and wet. India has about 45,000 plant species and medicinal properties have been assigned to several thousand of them. Approximately 2000 are found frequently in the literature and the indigenous systems commonly use 500. Current work involves botany, pharmacognosy, chemistry, pharmacology, and …

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