Here On Earth Essay Research Paper Here

8 August 2017

Here On Earth Essay, Research Paper

Here On Earth and Where The Heart Is

Here On Earth is my favourite film. One ground is that the events and the characters are so much like my life and friends when I was in high school. In the film, Samantha falls in love with Kelley who is a really rich male child enrolled in a private school a few stat mis outside of the little town she lives in. She meets him on her graduation dark when Kelley along with a twosome of his friends decides to take his new Mercedes that his pa sent him as a graduation gift out for a joyride. They decide to sit into town and eat at a little diner that Samantha s household owns. They shortly find out that they are non welcome at that place by Jasper, Samantha s long clip and devoted fellow since they were childs.

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After a battle turns into a poulet race, their autos crash into the gas station, which is connected to the diner, and the full topographic point Burnss to the land. After traveling to tribunal both Kelley and Jasper are sentenced to work with the local building company by reconstructing the diner. Because Kelley is from out of town and his licence and auto were taken off he had nowhere to remain. Jasper had a really loving and caring household and offers to allow Kelley remain in their invitee sleeping room. I guess you could state this created a few jobs for Jasper that wholly despised the richies from private school. While Samantha and Jasper spent their clip together Kelley observed them from a distance holding no thought that Samantha was watching him besides. Samantha shortly realizes the sort of love she has been losing out on by concealing behind person that is comfy and safe. Kelley and Samantha spend many fantastic yearss and darks together, but all in secret, until the work on the diner was complete. Samantha had eventually found the 1. She had found the one psyche that understood her psyche. They read poesy to each other, watched the same falls together that they both shared as their favourite topographic point here on Earth. But most of all, they shared a bond that would ne’er be broken, non even in decease. Samantha starts to turn ill and Tells Kelley the truth about her holding terminal malignant neoplastic disease. This besides brings out the truth to Jasper about the secret matter her and Kelley were holding. Kelley leaves her at the infirmary and he didn t program on of all time coming back. The lone two adult females that he had of all time loved were both dead to him. His female parent committed self-destruction when he was merely nine old ages old and now his beloved Samantha was traveling to go forth him to. Jasper comforts her, despite of his hurting, by ne’er go forthing her side during her concluding yearss. When Samantha thought she would ne’er see Kelley once more he returned to their little town during the jubilation of the gap of the new diner. He carries her into the diner in forepart of the full town and joins the crowd of people subscribing the new lover s wall. Samantha dies shortly after Kelley s return. Samantha and Kelley had found a love at merely 18 that some people don t discovery in an full life-time. Although she would no longer be with him physically, she would ever be waiting for him at the falls.

Samantha is so much like me. She s really strong willed with a large bosom and large dreams. In high school I explored every activity and athletics that I could suit into my agenda. I was a cheerleader all through school but I was besides in the National Honor Society and Tri-M Music Honor Society. I didn t allow anyone set one certain rubric on me because I didn t bound myself to merely one. I held many rubrics, in which I was all really proud of. Although I don t have any terminal ailment diseases, thank goodness, a batch of what Samantha went through in the film, I went through when I was a adolescent.

I started dating Brion when I was merely 13 old ages old. He was my best friend. We did perfectly everything together. We dated until I was 17 old ages old. He was the lone fellow I had in school. When I was younger, I ever thought we were traveling to acquire married. I couldn t imagine my life with anyone else. Just like my sister s I wanted to get married the first and lone cat I had of all time been with, wow what a naif idea. But, at the clip that merely seemed like what I was supposed to make. It s so amusing to look back now and believe of how different we were from each other. He was a huntsman ; I am against killing animate beings for game. He didn T like poesy and had ne’er picked up a book a twenty-four hours in his life. I loved to compose poesy and I would read every good book I could acquire my custodies on. Brion began to truly alter towards the terminal of high school. He started to imbibe a batch, which he knew devastated me. I had seen my brother about interrupt up his household because of his imbibing and I wanted to remain as far off from that type of life that I perchance could. As we started to turn more and more apart I realized how foolish all of my programs had been. I was selling myself short of my dreams. I was a strong truster in sing life to it s fullest and that s precisely what I wasn t making. Brion and I broke up shortly after that. I started to acquire closer to one of Brion s good friends named Tommy. The more clip I spent with him the more I wished so much that he was my fellow. We loved all the same things and shared a batch of the same dreams. Looking back now, I can t believe I even pursued him. He was a close friend to Brion and to do affairs worse he had merely broken up with my best friend. They didn Ts have any

thing serious and merely dated for about a month but that didn T halt her from still being head over heels for him.

I remember the first clip we of all time went on a day of the month like it was yesterday. The good story this is that it wasn t a day of the month with each other. My friend from work wanted me to put her up with Tommy because everyone had noticed how close we had gotten here recently so she thought what better individual to put her up so his best miss friend. I called him and put up the day of the month. He brought along his cousin and we doubled. It was eldritch because he looked merely every bit suffering as I did. I subsequently found out that he was. He slipped a note into my cabinet stating me how much he cared for me and that he merely went on the dual day of the month because he knew he would acquire a opportunity to pass some clip with me. See Tommy cognize merely every bit much as I did what the intelligence of our feelings for each other would make to our friendly relationships. So we did what any other child would make in this state of affairs, we dated anyhow, but kept it quiet. For every bit long as I live I ll ne’er bury the feeling of exhilaration and haste of epinephrine that I felt every clip we met in secret. Our relationship eventually came out when my ex-boyfriend Brion decided he wanted me back. I eventually admitted to myself and to the universe that I was in love with Tommy and that I didn t want it to be a secret anymore. Brion was so disquieted and would hardly talk to me. My relationship with my best friend changed. We still spent a batch of clip together but she kept an emotional distance. I guess I can t fault her for feeling that manner. When you re in high school everything seems so large and overpowering. Tommy and I become the talk of the school. We were your mean cheerleader meets the captain of the football squad but now with all the play. Everyone talked about how I had betrayed my best friend and my ex-boyfriend. But of class, what Tommy had done to Brion was cool. What I had done was decidedly un-cool. At least that s what everyone else thought. Isn t that your typical dual criterion? Despite everything that happened, we managed to remain together for a small over two old ages. He loved my poesy and we could speak on the phone for hours about any thing at all. He seemed to me like the 1. Possibly if my life would hold ended at a immature age like Samantha s did in the film I would hold went on believing that even after decease. But, now that I m an older I see how otherwise we can be merely a few old ages out of high school. I m merely non the same individual I was when I was 17 that I am now at 21. I ve grown up a batch, but I m good cognizant that I have a batch more turning up to make. We both began to alter when we started college. He did a batch of things that hurt me yet opened my eyes to how different we truly were. I needed those old ages together to see how much we were both altering into wholly different people. Possibly if Samantha hadn t died of malignant neoplastic disease, they two would hold gone their separate ways. There are the few people that are together at a immature age and still hold a fantastic relationship many old ages subsequently. I merely wasn t one of them. Although our relationship ended with some hurting, I ll ne’er regret the manner being with him made me experience when I was 18.

The 2nd film I watched was called Where The Heart Is. I loved this film. It truly doesn t relate to my life but I decidedly know if I was of all time in the same state of affairs as the miss in the film, I hope I would be every bit strong as her. Nobilee was merely 15 and pregnant. She lived in a dawdler located in a little town with her fellow. Her female parent had left her when she was immature and she had been in and out of surrogate places of all time since. She met a cat that was truly atrocious to her but he was the lone household she had. He decides that he s traveling to travel her and the babe off so he could go a state vocalist. They were both really hapless and Nobilee begged him to halt at Wal-mart so she could purchase some places. When she gets back to the auto he had left her. She was in a unusual town with no manner to acquire anyplace. She went back into Wal-mart and stayed in the bathroom weeping. Finally they close down the shop while she s in the bathroom and they end up locking her in. She realizes that she s stuck and decides to do the best of it. One dark turns into 6 hebdomads. She hid at dark and made a record of everything she used so she could finally pay Wal-mart back for what she owed them. She goes into labour one dark so wakes up in the infirmary. She had dozenss of letters and flowers. Every intelligence channel was at that place to see the Wal-mart babe. With no topographic point to travel, a adult female offers her a topographic point to remain. Her name was Wilma. She becomes her household. Nobilee beat all the odds against her and became a well-known lensman. A twister came through one twenty-four hours and destroyed everything in its manner, including her place and the lone female parent she had of all time known. In Wilma s will she leaves Nobilee all of her land and a batch of stocks and bonds. Nobilee uses the money and builds a beautiful place for herself and her girl. By this clip Nobilee was merely 20 old ages old. She was one of the most brave and astonishing people I have of all time seen. I admire her so much. I remember how difficult being a adolescent was when I was 15. I couldn t imagine being pregnant entirely and wholly broke all on top of that. Whenever things get tough or I feel overwhelmed with things in my life, I think of her. She reminds me that anything is possible.

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