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8 August 2017

The Heritage Assessment Tool ( HAT ) is a set of inquiries used to analyze an individual’s ethnic. cultural and spiritual heritage. HAT can be used to understand an individual’s wellness traditions. The replies to the questionnaire can be used to measure how an single positions of wellness care. wellness protection and wellness Restoration. The writer will reexamine three different persons civilization heritage utilizing the HAT. The civilizations that are being comparison for differences in wellness traditions of Asiatic Americans. Latino Americans and European White Origin Americans. The reappraisal of HAT consequences will give penetration to compare the differences of wellness traditions between these blended civilization households. Culture heritage is values. spiritual beliefs. and traditions developed by an cultural group. United States population consists of a diverse group of multicultural persons with different racial and cultural groups ; by utilizing the HAT can assist healthcare professionals to develop cultural competences. Each civilization beliefs of wellness are viewed otherwise. Heritage Assessment Tool

The aim of the self-evaluation of the writer and reexamining consequences from two equals was to compare the differences in wellness tradition between the three civilizations. From the diverse group Asian/Pacific Islander American. Latino American and European White Origin American ; all three persons have blended civilizations. The equals that precipitated in the HAT had parents that married outside of their ain cultural group. The writer of this paper used their ain HAT rating to derive cognition of wellness tradition based of the cultural heritage. By utilizing the HAT the replies can find the household unit how to better wellness and unwellness beliefs and patterns. This information obtained for HAT can besides be used in Nursing. Understanding a patient civilization heritage ; the health care supplier can break place with the patient ideas and frights sing modern health care. A patient traditional heritage affects how a patient’s maintain wellness. protection wellness and reconstructing wellness. HAT provides individual’s consciousness between one’s ain civilization heritage and that of other cultural groups from different civilizations.

As a consequence of utilizing the HAT by wellness attention professionals there can be positive communicating between the patient and wellness attention professional. The greater figure of positive responses the greater the person’s designation with a traditional heritage ( Spector. 2000 ) The consequences of the HAT can be used to measure a patient’s cultural. spiritual heritage ; the HAT can find how profoundly an single identifies with a peculiar wellness tradition. Persons who can are more ethnocultal heritage may tend to place their wellness and unwellness in a holistic manner. Therefore. their wellness beliefs and patterns many be different from the modern health care. Health Traditions by Health Maintenance. Health Protection. and Health Restoring In the wellness traditions review by the three civilization each group has a alone traits that have been applied to their wellness from beliefs from their civilization group. These methods that is distinguishable to their ain beliefs and values from their cultural heritage. These differences in beliefs and values can be used along with modern attacks to wellness attention. Peer Heritage Reviewed

There are similarities and differences between the Asian/Pacific Islander American. Latino American and European White Origin American. Some of the elements that affect wellness care are at that place dietetic limitations. nutrients that are eaten certain times of the twelvemonth. activities that are related to a specific civilization. sing with household and spiritual patterns. Health protection includes particular diets. symbolic vesture. household activities and superstitious notions. Health reconstructing includes encompassing homeopathic redresss. relaxations techniques and spiritual rites. Asian/Pacific Islander Americans

When reexamining the HAT of an Asian/Pacific Islander Americans peer ; eating a diet of fresh veggies and meat. The equal that was interviewed patterns the diet similar to her traditional heritage ; no processed nutrient. fresh and organic. Foods are prepared from the cultural civilization of Asian/Pacific Islander Americans. Some of the cultural traits of the Asian/Pacific Islander Americans have a hierarchal construction of household and trueness to extended household members. This equal has a little household unit in the local country and does non keep contact with drawn-out household members. Their household consists of grandparents. parents. kids and siblings that are local. Other wellness tradition among the Asian/Pacific Islander Americans is there are strong in spiritual beliefs ; go to church on a regular bases. pattern pray and religious family. During clip of illness religious guidance can be a portion of a intervention program. However this equal does non pattern any spiritual patterns. That is a trait that she as non adopted from her parents.

With that being said there are strong household values that she is transfusing on her kids. Unlike her parents this household unit does non go to church. There is besides believed a “warm” environment is indispensable to keep optimum wellness. Health and illness consists of bar and reconstructing balance. Health bar is practiced by healthy diet. exercising for all members of the household ; household walks. motorcycle drives and after school activities. Annual wellness screens are a must and vaccinums are portion of the health patterns. Asian/Pacific have a holistic belief system is the understanding modern wellness attention treats certain types of diseases. This peers parents nevertheless pattern the wellness traditions of the Asian/Pacific Islander Americans civilization by waiting to see a doctor after holistic traits of the civilization have failed to handle unwellness. This equals household has maintained some of the wellness traditions from her parents. nevertheless her household is making their ain wellness traditions to go through on to their kids. Latino American

When reexamining the following peer’s HAT. the household is from the Latino American civilization. The household normally prepares nutrient from the cultural background of their parents. The Latino American diet consists of grains. beans. fresh fruits. veggies and meat. Family life has traditionally the centre of Latino civilization ; the native linguistic communication is spoken and read. Extended household members live in the same country of the household ; there are big household assemblages around spiritual vacations. Part of the past civilization was during clip of unwellness seeking aid from traditional therapist. usage herbs and place redresss. However. this household does believe in one-year screens for wellness publicity and does take stairss towards wellness bar though a wellness supplier. The parents of this household make non portion the same patterns related to wellness publicity and his can take to the Latino American presenting to the health care system in late phases of unwellness. In the Latino civilization household is a supportive group ; this non lone parents and kids but besides extended household. Majority of the Hispanics are Catholic ; have oning spiritual decorations to demo their religion in God. This household attends church on a hebdomadal. praying and reading the Bible is practiced in the place environment. Self-Evaluation

When reflecting on the writers own wellness traditions and how it identifies to her civilization of European White Origin American ; like many other American the writers parents were born in the United States and cultural background from many different countries of Europe. The diet is combination of fresh. farm rise frozen nutrients. fresh fruits. meat and seafood. All repasts are prepared at place and household dinners with household members present. Vacations are spent with drawn-out household member and celebrated over repasts prepared at place. Keeping relationships with drawn-out household member is of import even when long distantness is involved. Health attention is provided by modern western bringing system. There still simple traditional wellness unwellness practiced still used today ; homemade poulet soup for the common cold and honey for a sore pharynx. However when there is an oncoming ague unwellness or wellness issue impacting activities of day-to-day life counsel is seek out from a wellness supplier. While turning up our family’s traditions focuses around our faith of Christianity. Attending church and church activities weekly is an of import in our household heritage turning up. Praying is done before repasts. bed clip and in times of needful spiritualty support. Decision

After reexamining peer’s HAT there are many different civilizations that can act upon wellness traditions. A common factor is all civilization reviewed is holding a strong religious belief ; each has their ain alone spiritual patterns that consequence wellness traditions. Appling the HAT to the author’s ain wellness traditions has allowed contemplation on beliefs and values and staying nonjudgmental with questioning others. The HAT is a valuable tool to be use by health care suppliers to understand different civilizations to supply optimum attention to a diverse patient population. Healthcare supplier a confronting an increased figure of patients with chronic unwellness for vary of wellness traditions. To supply measure attention the nurse must understands the patient’s state of affairs ; including emphasis factors and cultural differences. There needs to be basic cognition and positive attitudes sing patient’s that have different wellness traditions from the norm. To understand other civilizations beliefs and values the nurses foremost understand their ain. Nurses as health care suppliers need to take stairss towards understand the cultural values. wellness traditions and patterns provide optimum attention. When caring for patients of different wellness traditions the nurse must be respectful and apprehension of other civilizations values and beliefs without being judgement. As the population continues to turn and alter some will the diverseness in the wellness system.


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