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9 September 2017

Hernan Cortes Essay, Research Paper

Conquest of the Aztec Empire & # 8220 ; There is no manner but up, there is no retreat. We must travel frontward to Mexico and see if this great Montezuma is every bit great as he proclaims himself to be & # 8221 ; ( Chapter 2 ) . Cortes told his work forces this when they were sing mutiny because of enduring from lay waste toing febrilities and changeless Indian onslaughts. After Cortes & # 8217 ; s powerful statement the work forces so cried out, & # 8220 ; frontward, to Mexico, to Mexico & # 8221 ; ( Chapter 2 ) . This was non, by any agencies Cortes & # 8217 ; s first geographic expedition. He was a really experient crewman and conquistador. He sailed to Santa Domingo in the Spring of 1504, and subsequently in 1511 he joined with Diego Vel zquez in the conquering of Cuba where Vel zquez became the governor. Cortes wanted to return to the freshly discovered land of Mexico to research. His expedition to Mexico, as a conquistador in hunt of gold, resulted in the conquest of the Aztec Empire and the decease of their emperor, Montezuma II. Vel zquez did non desire to give him bid of the mission for fright that he would decline to stay under Cuban authorization so he canceled Cortes & # 8217 ; s committee. However, Cortes was determined to make Mexico and set canvas in malice of Vel zquez & # 8217 ; s attempts. In the Spring of 1519 Cortes set off from Cuba on his expedition of 11 ships, five hundred and 50 soldiers, 16 Equus caballuss, and 14 pieces of heavy weapon. Cortes, unwittingly, was about to put off on an heroic escapade with himself being the perfect Machiavellian blend of will power and good fortune ( Chapter 1 ) . They reached Mexico far south of their finish so they sailed along the seashore of the Yucat n. & # 8220 ; The fleet held its class so near the shore, that the dwellers could be seen on it ; as it swept along the weaving boundary lines of the gulf, the soldiers, who had been on the former expedition with Grijalva, pointed out to their comrades the memorable topographic points on the seashore & # 8221 ; ( Prescott 1 ) . In March of 1519, the expedition reached the Mexican town of Tabasco. They learned from the native dwellers of the almighty Aztec Empire and their brilliant swayer Montezuma II. Montezuma was the 2nd grandson of the predating sovereign. He was elected to the imperial self-respect in 1502 over his older brothers because he processed superior makings as both a priest and a solider. The combination of a priest and a soldier was common for a individual of power in Mexico during the sixteenth and 17th centuries ( Prescott 4 ) . While in Tabasco, Cortes took many prisoners, including a immature native miss called Malinche. Cortezs and his work forces subsequently baptized her and gave her the name Marina. She was born in Painalla on the south-eastern boundary lines of the Ruling Empire. Marina acted as usher, translator, and kept woman to Cortes. Leaving Tabasco, they set canvas for a new seaport. The fleet landed a small North of San Juan, on Good Friday, where they established a town that they called La Villa Rica de La Vera Cruz. The town is now known merely as Veracruz ( Wilkerson 1 ) . Cortes created an independent authorities and renounced authorization to Vel zquez, governor of Cuba. He so merely acknowledged the Spanish Crown. This was a really extremist act by Cortes and many of his work forces did non hold with him. To guarantee that word did non make back to Cuba and to maintain his work forces from abandoning he destroyed the full fleet of 11 ships. On August 16th, 1519, they began the March northwest to Tenochtitlan. The way in which they chose to go was a hard one taking beyond the mighty vents of Popocatepetl and Ixtaccihuatl ( Chapter 2 ) . As they marched toward the great Aztec Empire several 1000s of Indians from assorted folks joined in the opportunity to arise against the powerful Aztecs. Finally after Marching two hundred and 50 stat mis, they had realized their finish. & # 8220 ; It was the amazing sight of the metropolis on the lake: It seemed like an enchanted vision, this first glance of things ne’er heard of, seen, or even dreamed of before. & # 8221 ; The metropolis was an island with beautiful places, surge

ing temples, and interwoven avenues. Surrounding the metropolis was four square stat mis of lake doing the metropolis merely accessible by causeways. Cortezs and his ground forces followed the causeway that led into

the metropolis. It was broad with walls on each side, and directly plenty to see from on terminal to another. Before making the metropolis they were met on the causeway by Montezuma and his two hundred Godheads ( Pagden 1 ) . Montezuma walked down the center of the way with Godheads on each side of him walking in lines one behind the other. Montezuma shockingly greeted him & # 8220 ; Welcome, & # 8221 ; he said, & # 8220 ; we have been waiting for you. This is your home. & # 8221 ; Montezuma believed that Cortes was Quetzalcoat. The fable follows that Quetzalcoat, a legendary god-king who was light-skinned and bearded, would one twenty-four hours return to the East. The Aztecs mistook Cortes for this God and proclaimed him their swayer. During the hebdomads which Cortes ruled the Aztecs he took Montezuma II as a surety, and forced him to curse commitment to Charles I, the male monarch of Spain, so the Aztecs would non follow him in cause of a rebellion. Cortes began telling Aztec symbols to be destroyed and to be replaced by Christian 1s ( Chapter 2 ) . Vel zquez had reached word of Cortes & # 8217 ; s actions, and rapidly released an expedition of two 100 work forces to Mexico under the Spanish soldier Panfilo de Naravaez. After making word about Naravaez, in April of 1520, Cortes left about two hundred of his work forces at Tenochtitlan and gave bid to Pedro de Alvarado. Cortes and What remained of his work forces journeyed back to the seashore, and during the screen of the dark, captured Naravaez and finally persuaded many of the Spaniards to fall in them in suppressing the Aztecs. While Cortes was off Alvarado was non making good as commanding officer. His rigorous regulations forced the Aztecs, who greatly outnumbered the soldiers, to revolt. Upon Cortes & # 8217 ; s return, he was allowed to come in the metropolis before the Aztecs launched their onslaught. In an attempt to repress the onslaught Cortes convinced Montezuma to ground with the angered Aztecs. His attempts were unsuccessful, in fact, he was stoned by his ain people and died three agonising yearss subsequently. Cuauhtemoc, Montezuma & # 8217 ; s nephew and the rightful inheritor, gathered the Aztec forces and easy drove out the Spanish from the metropolis on the dark of June 30, 1520 ( Cortes 2 ) . Cortezs and his military personnels retreated back to Vera Cruz were they spent the summer forming their ground forces, retrieving from injures suffered, and deriving supports from all over Mexico. There were many vassal male monarchs, who one time owed commitment to the Emperor, who was now died, that gave support to the Spanish. After retrieving, Cortes & # 8217 ; s ground forces pushed their manner back towards the metropolis of Tenochtitlan get the better ofing little groups of Aztec soldiers along their manner. Finally, on August 13, 1521, after three ghastly months of conflict, the blade and armour were winning against the Aztecs who new nil of western arms. Cuauhtemoc, the late appointed emperor, was captured and Tenochtitlan was conquered. The ruins of Tenochtitlan were wholly leveled and Cortes built upon it Mexico City. Settlers from Spain were brought to Mexico City to get down a settlement that would shortly turn into a bright metropolis. Cortezs gained instant popularity and celebrity. Not merely did he suppress new land, but because of him Spain gained all the wealths of the Aztec Empire. In 1523 Cortes was named the Captain General and governor of New Spain. 1528 brought on an probe of his Acts of the Apostless and he was forced to step down as governor of Mexico ( Cortes 2 ) . He was able to stay his rubric as Captain General of Mexico, but about all his belongings and ownerships were ceased by the Spanish Crown. A few old ages subsequently Cortes marries the girl of the count of Aguilar and in 1530 they return to Mexico. He and his married woman terminal of life in a little house in a little town, where he dies. Cortezs will ever be remembered as an adventurer and conquistador who went to Mexico in hunt of gold and glorification and ended up suppressing the Aztec Empire.

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