6 June 2017

Identify the problems that the new computer system created, and discuss what caused them. There are a lot of problems identified before installing the new computer system that was created, some of which include; when the management decided to upgrade the A’S, they installed a mainframe at headquarters and local area networks at each sales office. The IS manager and four system analysts were hired shortly before they integrated the new computer and the existing A’S. Another problem was that top management formulated all plans and directed all operations. Data processing was highly centralized.

Departments had all freedom to develop their own sales programs. Information problems developed, and AIS department was asked to improve the company’s information processing system once the new equipment was installed. The IS manager and the Plant manager are facing different problems. The Plant manager seems not pleased with the IS manager as he tires to run his plant.

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The IS manager states the errors that are found in the production. There is a main concern that the plant manager is facing which is the system installed reduces workforce and increase the workload on the remaining employees.

The plant manager has indicated to the HRM that supervisors and department heads no longer have a voice in establishing production schedules and the plant has more production problems than previous years. 2. How could the AVC have avoided the problems? How can they prevent them in the future? The new computer system should have been kept aside and tried by all employees to see what their comments are on them. They should take lower level and employees opinions before introducing a new system. A training course should have been developed to allow employees to better understand the software and make it easier for them to use.

The employees in the plant have to know the system will be designed to help them take better decisions, and that it’s a tool used to help them know the best production schedule that is appropriate for the plant. The employees are demotivated because the they think this system will replace them in the future, without knowing their existence in the company is crucial. The top managers in the company should sit together in private meeting, establishing goals for the system to accomplish. If there is no problem with the production, but there are problems with the tracking then, its necessary to develop a new tracking software.

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