Hero Journey

9 September 2016

First, throughout a person’s journey, there are challenges that help shape the hero stronger. For example, “He plutered the stronghold on the proud height of Troy. ” (4-5). This shows how Odysseus stood up for his men while battling in Troy for the Trojan War. This also shows how he had to face many people to become that strong and capable to do these things. An example in my life is when I helped my mom create a baseball clinic for young children. This makes me feel very proud of myself to be able to complete this because it took a lot of time and effort. After all, I would not be able to be so cooperative because it ook a while and I had to be very patient. In the end, Odysseus and I have had many challenges that we have to complete to make a better person out of ourselves. Second, a hero’s journey will contain allies / mentors to help you succeed.

For example, “She warns him that his palace is overrun by more than 100 suitors who, believing Odysseus is dead, want to marry Penelope. ” (blue). With this help, Odysseus was able to disguise himself and fight for Penelope. If Odysseus did not have this help, he would not have known that men were competing to take what he has. An example in my life is my mom. She is always there for me ight by my side no matter what giving me advice and offering me guidance. With this help, I got through a lot of situations easier because I had help and good advice. If I did not get this help I would not be where I am today and have grown into the person I am today. In the end, Odysseus and myself both have assistance on our journeys because even on a hero journey, people need help and guidance. Lastly, in everyone’s journey there is the biggest challenge yet. The hero must overcome this challenge. For example, “Thus the battle with the suitors comes to an end, and Odysseus prepares himself for

Hero Journey Essay Example

Penelope. ” (blue). This reflects that Odysseus was able to conquer all of the suitors and win Penelope back. Following on that, Odysseus can finally be happy with Penelope again. An example in my life is when I had to quickly improve my GPA by . 5. This makes me very proud that I was able to accomplish this because of how many times I was tempted to give up. Without this happening, I would have not been so confident in myself that I could do anything I set my mind to. In the end, both Odysseus and I had challenges we had to overcome. The Odyssey teaches its readers that you have challenges ho shape you are, you have allies / mentors who help you along the way and there is always one big challenge that you must face and overcome. I have changed in many ways based on everything that has occurred along my life journey so far. I would not be who I am today if these things did not happen. Remembering everything that has happened will help me for the new things that are going to take place in my life and how I should solve them along the way. Self Score : 4 I would give myself a 4 because I worked very hard. I had all quotes and used good vocabulary. I also used good transitions and had a lot to say.

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