9 September 2016

In ancient times, there are many heroes deserve our admiration, they have been dedicated in this world all their own, these real heroes are worthy of praise by people’s. Hero stands for different things to different kinds people. People always understand hero as a film or sports star. In article “Is a Hero Really Nothing but a Sandwich” the author Tollefson talks about what is a hero. The question “What is a hero? ” is the main topic of this essay. Eve’s daughters” from Polster, which is a article I want to compare with “Is a Hero Really Nothing but a Sandwich”. She talks the forbidden heroism of women. Tollefson and Polster are from different decades, so they have different point of view to hero. In the article “Is a Hero Really Nothing but a Sandwich”, the main topic is the question “ what is a hero”. Hero in different cultures share certain characteristics. The hero represent higher power that make other people better when they imitate the hero.

Heroes cause change in their culture. If the social without the leadership of heroes that will be change slowly. In the article “Eve’s daughters”, the author Polster shows us five characteristics of heroism which is respect for human life, faith in her effective exercise of choice, original perspective, courage and public or unpublic heroism. Heroic acts of women throughout history have been ignored, misinterpreted, and maligned. She proposed the banning heroism of women.

Hero Essay Example

Polster shows how women and men can rely on their innate and unique strengths and qualities to facing their own daily struggles, do not need to be limited to stereotypical male heroism. These two article are from different decades. They have different interpretations to the hero. Ted Tollefson is male writer which has different opinion from women’s. To compare with Miriam Polster, they have different background and style,. He was focus on the macroscopical views when he thinks about hero. Miriam Polster is a female psychologist as well as writer. She is a outstanding writer and her style is always concentrate on women’s problem.

The thesis statement of article “Is a Hero Really Nothing but a Sandwich”, the main topic is the question “ what is a hero” is “Despite immense differences in cultures, heroes around the world generally share a number of traits that instruct and inspire people. A hero does something worth talking about”. To become a hero, a person must be respected and admired by a society. Americans hope their heroes to be perfect. However, nobody is perfect, and when we find out that our heroes are not perfect in some way, we decide that they are not heroes after all.

Compare with “Eve;s Daughters”, it talks from another perspective. Men can do a lot of things that women also can do. People always think that it is hard to reach and imitate all the characteristics which hero have. Compare the tone of these two articles, they all use positive tones to encourage people. But from another side, one is serious to tell people a story and teach them how to be a hero. “Eve’s daughters” is use a tender tone. The intended audiences of these two articles is different. Tollefson intended audiences is to everybody especially the young people. Author encourage them to become a hero or try their best to achieve their goal. Another article is intended women and encourage them to realize their values as women. To compare these two article, we can see clearly that “what is hero”. It not just a man can be a hero, women also can become a hero. It comes from the life, and used for life.

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