9 September 2016

Basically, heroes have a vision for society and their principles function as a catalyst that motivates the society. In addition to having ideas, heroes are brave. Unlike other people they have tremendous energy and patience to struggle with the adversity. Most people settle for the status quo because in reality they don’t want to put themselves in danger or risk themselves for others. Heroes are brave enough to take risk for people and society and they never try to escape from hardship. In an article “Heroism Must Mean More Than Sympathy,” Nicholas Thompson (2002) writes,” Heroes could earn that title simply for incredible acts of ravery several steps above the call of duty. ” He states that heroes do more than there is their duty. Most people simply perform their duty and focus on themselves for their own betterment. Heroes are remarkably brave in comparison to people in general. They genuinely make effort to protect right of society and people. For example, Amar Singh Thapa, a General of army in Nepal during British colonization in India and many other countries of Asia proved his bravery. At the time of British colonization in Asia, British army attacked the territory of Nepalese land.

General Amar Singh Thapa fought against powerful British troop. In spite of lack of food for few days he continued war. At last British Army could not fight in such a hardship and Amar Singh won war against British. General Thapa protected country from British colony and saved Nepalese sovereignty and land. All Nepalese are proud of his bravery and his bravery is an exemplary in Nepal. For his bravery Nepalese admire to call him national hero of bravery. In other words, heroes act bravely in order to protect society and people by taking undesirable risk in their life.

Heroes Essay Example

Finally, heroes have special skill and talent. Their skill and talent is enables them change the society in forward direction. Their creation and innovation are noteworthy. A person becomes hero because of his or her potential skill and talent to work for society (Brown, 1990; Psychology Today, 1995). Heroes have extraordinary skill and talent, which attract society and helps the society a great deal. For an example, Bill Gate has special talent and skill in development of computer software. Before Bill Gate developed software, computers were barely in use in public.

The application of his software in the operating system in computers brought a big change in today’s world. People admire such a skilled and talented person who brought a total change in this world. His outstanding talent and skill in software is praiseworthy. Mostly people emulate other’s work and learn from others. Since heroes posses special skill and talent, they are naturally creative and innovative. New inventions and creative thinking always attract a community if it can help society to move in right direction efficiently. For such promising work, they deserve to be called a hero.

Heroes always help society and individuals to change and are a role model in society. Over all heroes have some characteristics in common that influence society and individuals. They live in heart and mind of people because of their extraordinary principles, bravery, skill and talent. References Browne, R. (1990). Heroes and Heroines. Detroit: Gale Research Inc. How to be great? What it takes to be a hero? (1995, November-December). Psychology Today,28, 46. Thompson, N. (2002, January 15). Heroism must mean more than sympathy. The Oregonian. Tollefson, T. (1993, May-June). Is a hero really nothing but a sandwich? Utne Reader.

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