Heroism In Beowulf Essay Research Paper A

9 September 2017

Heroism In Beowulf Essay, Research Paper

A hero is one who is non merely strong, but one who uses his strength to uphold others. A hero is low, philanthropic, greathearted and selfless, a human-centered at best. In the unprecedented heroic poem Beowulf, the narrative? s namesake exemplifies every characteristic suiting an Anglo-saxon hero. He is honorable, loyal, and brave. He portrays these features in the conflict against Grendel, the altercation with Grendel? s female parent, and the battle against the firedrake that necessarily ended his life.

Beowulf was a adult male of admirable feats. He had the strength of 30 work forces in his weaponries, and would utilize this strength to help anyone in demand. Upon hearing of the predicament of Grendel and the sick occurrences in Hrothgar? s land, Beowulf instantly gathered his cortege to assist the male monarch and support Heorot. When Beowulf encountered the animal that had terrorized for 12 old ages, he single-handedly ripped off Grendel? s arm, an act finally killing the animal.

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To farther define his gallantry, Beowulf kept the arm as a trophy of his triumph.

Upon acquisition of her boy? s decease, Grendel? s female parent was infuriated. She made a personal vow to justify Grendel? s life. By killing one of Hrothgar? s most sure advisers, she presented Beowulf with an? invitation? to her submerged den in order to revenge her boy. Beowulf, being a adult male of distinguished heroism, accepted the challenge whole-heartedly and made his manner through the murky, blue swamp Waterss and into the submerged cave. Though the excursion was diffi

cult, Beowulf was relentless in his chase. When he reached Grendel? s female parent, the conflict was long and difficult, but the hero refused to give up. He fought until the discombobulated female parent gave up and died. As a item of his effort, Beowulf took a jewel-studded blade from the cave. To farther observe his heroic effort, he decapitated Grendel and kept his caput as a keepsake of his victory.

The last conflict that Beowulf partook in was possibly the most heroic of all. Although the conflict ended his life, it proved that of all the work forces in the narrative, Beowulf was the lone true Anglo-Saxon hero. All of his military personnels proved to be fickle. They abandoned him in a clip when they were needed the most. Though his work forces lived, they lived as cowards, giving to the firedrake apprehended by all the Geats. Never the less, Beowulf? s strength of bosom and head gave him the will to contend the firedrake, although none of his work forces were at that place to assist him. In this portion of the narrative, Beowulf was older and his physical strength had dwindled. But despite this, his enormous gallantry remained. He fought the firedrake to his decease and died with a pride, heroism and gallantry that no adult male at the clip had known.

Beowulf? s strength, bravery and sense of dignity are all traits that gained him acknowledgment as a hero. He stood up for his fellow adult male, even if the good title wasn? T ever returned. His low pride and altruistic attitude are virtuousnesss associated with really few work forces. In the distinguished heroic poem Beowulf, the chief character elucidates the true significance of an Anglo-Saxon hero.

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