Hester Prynne Character Sketch Essay Research Paper

Hester Prynne Character Sketch Essay, Research Paper

Frequently, one of the most of import facets in a novel is a character study. It s the writer s duty to sufficiently supply a graphic description of each character. Hester Prynne is the chief character in the novel The Scarlet Letter, and there are some cardinal

points Nathaniel Hawthorne uses to assist the reader better understand the character. The first few chapters of the fresh reveal many features and actions of Hester Prynne including physical description, puting, ideas, behaviour, address, and reaction

of others.

First of wholly, the writer creates a physical description for the chief character. Hester Prynne is a reasonably immature adult female who still possesses a batch of life within her. She is tall, has a slender physique, and has brown hair. A portion of Hester that stands out is the big

embroidered A on all of her vesture. She must have on the A at all times as a penalty for criminal conversation, the offense she has committed.

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This is a really serious offense for the clip period. The scene takes topographic point in Boston, Massachusetts in a little community. The clip period is in the 17th century, the Puritan epoch. In this instance, the scene plays an of import function in the narrative because criminal conversation was a really serious offense for that clip period.

Besides, it is of import to cognize what a character s ideas are. In this novel, Hester Prynne invariably has a batch on her head. She holds some little compunction for her offense, but deep down indoors, she feels that the community is being excessively hard on her. Even though she feels this manner, she does non keep self commiseration, s

he holds pride. Besides, she is threatened with losing her girl, Pearl, whom she is really affiliated to and will non give up without a battle. Hester is besides worried about Dimsdale s wellbeing, so she does non desire the community to cognize that she had the matter with him. In add-on to the manner Hester thinks, the manner she speaks to the community reflects her ideas. She ever gets her point across, but still manages to maintain a polite and respectful tone.

The behaviour that Hester shows to other community members is ever really polite and she has exceeding manners. Despite her ethical motives and respectful attitude towards other community members, the bulk of them contemn her, and this is shown many ways such as when some townswomen say At the really least, they should hold put the trade name of an Fe on Hester Prynne s brow, ( page 51 ) . Peoples glare at her with strong disapproval, and even an minute intimation of enviousness. Although the bulk of society disfavors her, there are a few choice people that respect her, one of them being father Dimsdale. He is ever sort to her partially because he feels sorry for her, and partially because her torture is slightly his mistake.

Obviously, Hester Prynne is a really complex character. The manner that Nathaniel Hawthorne describes Hester makes it really easy to associate to her jobs. Character descriptions are indispensable in order to wholly understand a character s ideas and actions. It is of import to cognize inside informations about a character, and in this instance, the writer is really expert in making so with the ether of composing accomplishments. Obviously, a character description plays a major function in every narrative.

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