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9 September 2017

Hester Prynne Essay, Research Paper

Hester Prynne

Nathaniel Hawthorne s The Scarlet Letter, a dark narrative of wickedness and salvation, centres around the little Puritan community of Boston during the seventeenth century. In the thick of this little community is Hester Prynne. She is a adult female that has defied the Puritans, taken the effects and in the terminal conformed with the Puritans. It did,

nevertheless, take great attempt to settle down and go a adult females of award once more.

Hester Prynne, through the eyes of the Puritans, is an utmost evildoer. She has gone against the Puritan ways by perpetrating Adultery. The Puritans believed that Hester was a lost psyche that could merely be saved by sincere and thorough penitence. For this

irrevocably rough wickedness, she must have on a symbol of shame for the remainder of her life.

From the beginning, we see that Hester Prynne is a immature and beautiful adult female who has bought a kid into the universe with an unknown male parent. Hester, to the reader, is evidently a adult female who has violated a rigorous societal and spiritual codification, but who has sinned in an avowal of love and life. The Puritans do non take her feelings into history. They are people that take things as being right or incorrect. Perpetrating criminal conversation is seen as incorrect in the Bible, and hence Puritans do non care of the fortunes. The Puritans

are inexorable, dour people. However they have a grade of self-respect and authorization. They lack sympathy and favoritism. In their eyes all offenses are equal.

Hester is punished by the Puritan society by have oning the vermilion missive A on the bosom of her frock and standing on the conditions darkened scaffold ( p.234 ) for three hours. The Scaffold is a painful undertaking to bear. The townsfolk have gathered around to

chitchat and stare at her. They yell horrid things at her. One matron shriek At the really least, they should hold put the trade name of hot Fe to her brow. ( p.59 ) Obviously, the Puritans did non believe that this penalty was barbarous plenty. The shriek of this

matron showed merely how unforgiving the Puritans were. Here one can see the difference between the Puritans and Hester. She was standing on scaffold casting her award because she had sinned in love. Although she had committed a wickedness, the grounds behind it were because she was genuinely in love. The Puritans were non understanding people. The missive Angstrom that she wore on her bosom besides made Hester really different from the Puritans. The missive was beautiful. Hester, being a talented knitter, knitted the most beautiful looking A. One knew that she had put clip into doing the missive. The missive was besides the

colour vermilion. In the Puritan society were all vesture was grey, black, and white, the vermilion missive stood out. Hester Prynne was different from everyone else in this Boston town.

As she stood on the scaffold, Hester held her newborn Pearl. pearl was the result of her infidelity. Pearl had been adequately named, for she was of utmost value to her female parent. Hester s subjugation to the crowd of Puritan looker-ons is tormenting

to bear. One might believe that it would hold been better if Hester had left the town. Then she would non hold had to digest such anguish. Hester, nevertheless, knows that this is her town and she can non go forth. She knows that this little town is portion of her individuality. She

can merely happen comfort in keeping her kid stopping point to her bosom as she stands up on the scaffold. This action is a symbolic comparing between the kid and the vermilion lett

Er, connoting that they are genuinely both intertwined.

After her atrocious ordeal, and her release from prison, Hester and Pearl reside for the following few old ages in a hut by the sea. Hester tries to maintain her distance from the Puritans. She does non desire them to act upon Pearl. Hester wants to raise Pearl, and happen peace within herself. Pearl, nevertheless, is a really difficult kid to cover with. She is a diabolic, arch awfully behaved kid. This is really apathetic to the rigorous Puritan society. Here one can read more into the significance of Pearls unconformity. Pearl has been said to be the vermilion missive come to life by Hawthorne many times throughout the novel. The vermilion missive, Pearl, is non in understanding with the Puritan codifications, merely as her female parents adultery wasn T either. Hester dressed immature Pearl in the colour Scarlet. Her frock matched the vermilion missive that Hester wore. Hester knew that Pearl was the vermilion missive, the result of her criminal conversation and she would non allow anyone bury it.

The Puritan society went every bit far as to state that the ground that Pearl was such a diabolic kid was due to her female parent s failure to repress her to the proper Puritan etiquette. Hester is non a Puritan. She did non believe in any of the Puritan ways. She is

merely concerned with demoing her girl how to populate her life candidly. This did non hold good with the Puritans. The unsuccessfully tested to take Pearl off from Hester. Hester had been deemed unfit to raise the kid without the influence of echt Puritan jurisprudence and order. Pearl was non taken off and Hester went about seeking to raise her kid in honestness. This was one of the grounds that Hester did non go forth the Puritan community. If she would hold ran back to the new universe, she would hold non been true to herself. She besides wore the missive A in pace because she knew that it was portion of her. Hester, nevertheless, had a really difficult clip seeking to raise Pearl. Pearl continuously mocked authorization throughout the novel, a cardinal feature of the imp-child s demeanour. She asked her female parent would ache her female parent. She would inquire about what curate Dimesdale held his manus over his bosom. The jeer did non stop at that place, nevertheless, and Pearl went about her retarded ways, throwing stones at other kids that looked at her the incorrect manner and

cursing at them. It pained Hester to watch her kid go about the universe as if possessed by an agent of Satan. Hester grew to love but yet loathe the ways of her kid.

As clip went by, Hester came more in contact with the Puritans of the town. She had come to conform with their belief that salvation would salvage her psyche. She gave her life to God, by sing the ill and seeding for the hapless. She came to be revered by most members of the community because of her actions. The vermilion missive, for many had come to stand for able, non adultery. Her strength to fulfill the demands of others and soothe them was a gift many towns people respected. As clip went by, Hester was no thirster

conforming to Puritan ways of salvation. She was making sort things because it bought her pleasance and peace of head. The word in the town was that the missive no longer stood for criminal conversation and so stood for able. Hester became strong with the missive. She had allow it be a portion of her for many old ages while Pearl s father, curate Dimesdale, had covered it and it had gnawed at his psyche. Hester was no longer hurt by the missive neither did she experience guilt.

Hester Prynne had committed a wickedness which the Puritans believed took her psyche. In the terminal, nevertheless, her wickedness had become portion of her

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