Hewlett Packard-Compaq Merger

4 April 2015
A look at the merging of two companies – Hewlett Packard and Compaq Merger.

This paper focuses on the merger of the aforementioned companies. It looks at the history behind the merger and opposition to it. It mentions the corporate staff involved and lists the events leading up to the merger. It deals with the position of stock holders and lists the benefits of the merger. The paper concludes with a look at how the merger has been accepted by the market.
“Hewlett Packard is a Houston based corporation that has a reputation for selling computer accessories, such as printers, calculators, electronic notebooks, computer software, etc. Compaq headquarters is a Dallas based corporation, headquarters in Plano TX, that sells mainly computers. Carly Fiornia, HP’S CEO, decided that in a rapidly changing economy, the company would be more productive by merging together and combining into one big company.”

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