Hey there, dream girl!

2 February 2019

“Oh! Hi Ananya!” this is the general routine daily followed by us to greet each other! Don’t think that I look as if some angel fallen from the sky (what would I not do to look like that!) because Ana calls me ‘Dream girl’, the reason behind this sweet nickname is my tendency to dream off to some far away land in any and every situation!Just yesterday only, sitting in one of the most-irritating teacher`s class and attending one of the most difficult chapter`s lecture I dreamt off to my imaginary land where I got proposed by my crush and not only that he also gifted me a big carton full of dairy milk choc and we even did a typical Bollywood number in the rain and around the tree. The song was coming to an end when I felt a sharp pain in my head and I was jolted back to my S.

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ST class. Now it’s a different story, that when my lovely S.ST teacher asked what I was doing and pat came my reply that I was dancing and everybody started laughing at me and I was requested to leave the classroom for the 5th time in a row that week. Oh hell!OK, now coming back to the point, a teenage girl has a lot of things on her mind to think about; similar is the case with me. But the problem here is that from the time I started thinking I have been super duper imaginative and unconsciously I had conjured up an imaginary place in my head where I used to fly off whenever I felt that life was getting tough on earth. Believe me I had made that place so beautiful that I found it quite difficult to zap back, and I had even started to lose track of whatever was actually happening in my life! I had started to become quite..


And why not? Everything had started to be quite disappointing in my hellish life. First of all, my marks were going down the trench, my latest crush had crushed all my hopes, I wanted to become the school captain but was made just a house leader and at last, but not the least, nothing was well between my parents and me.One fine day, frustrated of all these, I sat down to figure out what went wrong in the last few months to make my life so very very hellish. Right at that moment, my eyes fell on a piece of paper which was lying on my table for last 2 days but I had not given much importance to it. On it was written –“Be the change you want to see in the world.” By M.K.

Gandhi. How that paper appeared on my table I really have no idea but it gave me lots of ideas about changing myself for the best.I realised if I wanted to change my marks, then first I should change the way I study. If I wanted to get over my broken heart then first I should change myself from being vulnerable to be strong. I realised I need to change my mentality then I would become better than the cap himself and that idiot would be looking up at me. Yeah! And if I want my parents to listen to me, then first I should listen to them. I really realised that running off to some imaginary place at tough times meant running away from one`s problems and that means running away from the solution.

Face the problem and you`ll get the solution. Really, thanks Mr. Gandhi!P.S.: that paper was a reminder about some assignment. Obviously, I remembered about the h.w.

while getting the punishment.P.S.: I still visit that place and as you all know what happened yesterday…….

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