H.G. Wells

4 April 2015
This essay tells the story of Wells’ life and works and how they relate to the author’s life.

This paper looks at the life of famed novelist H.G. Wells. The author describes his childhood, education, marriages, and most importantly, Wells’ science fiction works, such as The Time Machine, and The Island of Dr. Moreau. The paper also discusses Wells as a staunch socialist and how he conveyed his political beliefs in his writing.
From the paper:

Herbert George Wells was born at Bromley, Kent, on September 21, 1866, and died in 1946. H.G. Wells? family was not wealthy. His father owned an old China shop and his mother was a lady?s maid. Both parents made very little money. George Wells had little education and had been hired at a large drapery emporium. At the emporium he had the position of a draper?s apprentice. Here he had to wait on customers, show samples of merchandise, stock, and also account of all money taken in.

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