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1 January 2017

Salerio and Solanio are designed to reflect Venetian society at large because they show what is happening to inform the audience. They are also very nosey and hate Jews like the entire Venetians do. 2. ) It is such a crisis for Shylock that his daughter converted and married a Christian because when Jessica left she stole a lot of his precious jewels and money. Tubal claims that she is spending it and it hurts him because he does not want to lose money.

Shylock channels his grief over Jessica’s leaving into anger over Antonio because Antonio has a debt with Shylock that he has yet finished to pay off. 4. ) Salerio and Solanio’s report about Shylock’s reaction to Jessica’s escape was incorrect they thought that Shylock would be angry, but he was very depressed that his own blood and flesh would do that to him. My opinion on Salerio and Solanio has changed because they were so rude to Shylock when all he wanted to know was where his daughter was.

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The reaction that Shylock gives changed my opinion of him because he is stating that they are all equal and even though he is a Jew they are very much alike. 5. ) Shylock misses his daughter more because she is his own blood. He makes a big deal about the losses because they also mean a lot, but he is more upset about his daughter. 6. ) If Shylock wants revenge he will not be better than the Christians who are upsetting him. If positions were reversed Antonio would not demand fulfillment of the bond because he is a better man than his friends.

The loss of the ring is more agonizing to Shylock because his wife gave it to him and he would not give it away for a jungle of monkeys. 8. ) Shylock is both a villain and a victim in this case because he can change from a very sad nice man to an angered vicious man. Act III, ii 1. ) Portia’s demeanor with Bassanio is different from with her other suitors because she actually wants to be with him. We are seeing a nicer side of Portia because she wants to fall in love with this man. 2. ) The emphasis on music is because she wants to give the clue to Bassanio to choose the lead box. . ) These rhymes in the song are constructed as hints because they tell him what box not to choose.

Portia’s father would have chosen him because he is respectful, kind, and loving. No he doesn’t have an unfair advantage in her hints because he isn’t even right. 5. ) Bassanio’s elimination process is more complex and shows that he really wants to be with this girl. The song helps him very much and boosts his confidence to want to be with Portia and marry her. Without the song Bassanio wouldn’t have won Portia.

The contract is similar to the bond and different to it because it says that if Bassanio loses the ring he will also lose her. In the debt for Shylock it says if Antonio cannot pay he will lose flesh. In both cases they will lose something if either the price cannot be maid or the ring is lost. The significance of rings in Elizabethan English is because they are promises and if they are broken all love is lost. In a way rings have a similar significance today but not as strong as the ones from that time. 7. ) Gratiano and Nerissa also plan to get married.

They bet Bassanio and Portia that their first child is to be a boy. 8. ) Jessica tries to fit into Belmont society by not saying that Shylock is her father and avoiding the fact that she is not a Jew. Life will be kind of hard for her considering that she is not a Christian and will not be able to understand many allusions that are said. 9. ) Portia does not care that Bassanio is in debt because she is already very rich and cannot become much richer. 10. ) The tone and language in Belmont change to sorrow and deeper feelings for their friend Antonio. 11. Antonio is indicating that he loves Bassanio and is saying his last goodbye if they are ever to see each other again.

Shylock insist on the punishment for forfeiting the bond because he is upset that his daughter has stolen his good s and run away he is also upset because Antonio did not charge interest. 2. ) Solanio thinks that the duke will forgive the forfeiture because Shylock is a Jew. Antonio does not because he believes that a deal is a deal and if he breaks one then many of the other deals that are made amongst others would be broken as well. 3. In Venetian power is the key to success and along with power comes money and fame which are both needed to gain respect in any city.

Shylock would be the best man for this if he was not a Jew. Act III, iv 1. ) Portia considered helping Antonio because Bassanio is best friends with him and they are very much alike. She believes that they have the same soul and she too has the same soul as Bassanio. 2. ) Portia tells Lorenzo that she and Nerissa will go to a monastery and pray for her husband and that she wants Lorenzo and Jessica to take care of their home while they are gone.

Their actually plan is to go to Venice and meet their husbands disguised as men. 3. ) Portia’s opinion of men is that they lie immensely to get for other men to like them. She believes that they should dress up with swords and should walk with a big stride. 4. ) Portia has a long sword and is going to walk with big steps also speaking like a teenage boy. 5. ) Jessica’s cross-dressing was also meant to see her love just like Portia and Nerissa’s. Each purpose serves so they are not caught by their parents or other family members. 6. ) A disadvantage that Portia has is she might see Bassanio die.

An advantage she has is to see how her husband would live without her. Act IV, v 1. ) The scriptural debate between Launcelot and Jessica serves each other character’s purpose because they both want the best for each other, but Launcelot seems to only care about himself and that he wants to go to heaven. This debate could end Jessica’s relationship and make her want to return to her father. 2. ) Jessica’s relationship with Launcelot has changed dramatically it seems as if Launcelot does not want to be damned for the sins Jessica committed.

He has now become more of a coward. . ) Launcelot uses wordplay as humor so Lorenzo does not become aggravated that he is telling Jessica that that she will be damned by the sins she has committed. His humor annoyed Lorenzo which then Lorenzo told him to go get dinner ready. 4. ) Jessica and Lorenzo think that Portia is a great wife and is nothing compared to an angel sent from heaven. Shakespeare’s opinion to show their perception of Portia because she is not really who they think she is. Act IV, i 1. ) Antonio is ready to die he is just happy that Bassanio is there to accompany his death.

This compares with his mood in I, i because he is still depressed over the fact that his ships all sank. 2. ) The comparisons that Antonio makes when Bassanio is arguing with Shylock are: standing upon the beach and wishing for the ocean to shrink, ask the wolf why he ate the lamb and made his mother cry, and tell the pine trees that they cannot grow tall and make noise. 3. ) The others treatment of their slaves compared to Shylock’s treatment of his pound of flesh is like letting your slaves free and letting them marry amongst your own kind.

This argument tests Venetian law because it states that if he cannot have a pound of flesh they may not have slaves. 4. ) If the courts uphold Shylock’s claim then the laws of Venice will no longer be true. 5. ) Those in the courtroom become furious and threaten to kill Shylock. In the streets of Venice they are too vicious like in the courtroom. 6. ) She appeals to Shylock that the money is a very large amount. Shylock still does not care and wants his pound of flesh. 7. ) Shylock is so adamant about the law and is in refusal to grant mercy because he swore to his book of Jewish faith.

His own life is greater than his religion and love of money. 8. ) Portia does not uphold the law because she cannot lose her cover. I am not surprised because she still is the same evil girl like in the beginning of the story. 9. ) Daniel in the bible is a good judge that is why Shylock calls Portia that. 10. ) Shylock refuses to get a doctor to attend Antonio because it is not in the bond that they have.

Bassanio’s pleas have no effect because Shylock does not care about the money anymore. 12. ) Antonio’s reaction to the trial still makes him depressed and he does no longer care about his life. 3. ) Gratiano threatens to kill Shylock and is so mad he does not care if he is sent to hell. 14. ) Portia saves Antonio’s life by finding the loophole in the bond and telling Shylock that he can only have a pound of flesh but no blood because if he does he is breaking the bond and can die. 15. ) The legal punishment for conspiring against a Venetians life is giving half of his/her wealth to the accused and the other half to the government. 16. ) The duke shows mercy to Shylock if he behaves himself and does good deeds so that he would not lose all his money.

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