Hidden Challenges of Cross Border Negotiation

11 November 2016

In finding out ways to negotiate, you may find numerous fulfilling to your requirement. Despite that, there also exists a crooked that you may encounter innumerable other ways of making dull cultural mistake as business augments ever more international level. Specific blunders like this are outnumbered in gravity by more astute differences emerging from cultural dispositions that influence the way people tend to reciprocate.

Sebenius comments on this aspect, but his main points of convergence are in on a largely overlooked aspect to cross-border negotiation which are the ways that people from different regions and cultural boundaries come to agreement on a definite point, or basically the processes and methodologies involved in negotiations. Sebenius persuasively communicates the hazard and perils of neglecting decision-making and governance processes.

Hidden Challenges of Cross Border Negotiation Essay Example

In tackling the complex issue for cross boarder negotiation and giving the way out the author sets out a process for mapping out the decision-making method. The process tells us about as to who are the negotiating parties that are involved, what are the formal and casual roles people tend to play, and how a resolution is actually reached, which is nothing but a win-win situation. “The Hidden Challenge of Cross-Border Negotiations” is the title of an article by James Sebenius published in Harvard Business Review, 80(three): 76-85, 2002.

The author asserts that an understanding of the protocol, etiquette and cultural differences in cross-cultural business situations is essential for successfulness in today’s global business surroundings. The author gives an insight and discusses as to how the cultural contrariety and differences can have an effect on the business negotiations in substantially significant and unanticipated ways. , they tresses that in the situations where the agreement is reached, there arises large cultural difference in understanding the norms and traditions and also explains as to how such processes differ widely from culture to culture. An interpretation of the information and knowledge lets you design a strategy to deal with the obstacles that you have anticipated. Of coursework, there is another, evenly treasonable aspect to cross-border negotiation that is the ways and means in which people from different regions come to an agreement and the processes that are involved in negotiations. .

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