High School Dropouts

1 January 2017

Dropping out of high school is one of the nation’s biggest issues. Having a social life will be one of the first things affected by this decision. Going to college will be the next one because it will be more difficult to get in. If high school dropouts have a hard time getting into college they will also have a hard time getting a job due to the lack of knowledge. Dropping out is not a good choice because it will effect many things in your life. Dropping out of school would impact teenagers’ social lives.

Being in school helps teenager’s improve in many things such as their communications skills. Quitting school gives you fewer opportunities to work in a group which is not a benefit to that person. More dropouts have been to jail or prison because they are getting into more trouble than they would if they were in school. A person’s social life would be impacted by dropping out of school because they would not have as much opportunity to work on their communications skills which is necessary for your future.

High School Dropouts Essay Example

If you dropped put of school, getting into college will be even harder to do. Someone with a high school diploma will have a higher chance of getting into a college. The additional knowledge and lifestyle chances that are valuable that occur in college will give you a bigger view on life but if you do not get accepted into college, you will never gain that knowledge. Most colleges do not even consider people unless they have graduated from high school. Getting into college will be an even bigger challenge then it would have been if dropouts went to college.

Not getting your high school diploma will impact your chances of ever getting a job. Most careers or jobs now require at least a high school diploma. People who graduate from high school make more money than those who drop out because they got their diploma. Graduating from high school and then college gives you more career opportunities. Choosing a career will be one of the most important decisions in a person’s life but not graduating can really limit those choices.

Not getting your high school diploma will create non necessary challenges such as having a social life, getting into college, and getting a job without a diploma. Graduating is extremely important because you gain knowledge that you would not have if you dropped out. You have a bigger chance of living a successful life if you graduate from high school. A diploma will enable you to do more with your life. Choosing to graduate over dropping out of high school is a decision you will never regret.

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