Hills Like White Elephants

4 April 2015
This paper briefly examines Ernest Hemingway’s short story – Hills Like White Elephants.

This paper briefly takes a look at the relationship between the main characters in Ernest Hemingway’s book “Hills Like White Elephants”. It shows the norms of society in the period that the book was written and how this effects this relationship.
From the paper:

“Ernest Hemingway?s short story ?Hills Like White Elephants? is a story about a relationship between ?a man? and a ?girl.? The two main characters are referred to as such by the narrator throughout the story. This indicates the man?s experience in relation to the younger woman, named infrequently as ?Jig.? The man remains unnamed. Their namelessness indicates that their story could happen to anyone. Their namelessness also indicates and the opaque nature of their souls to one another. ”

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