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5 May 2017

To acquaint students with the economic problems and solve the problems at local and national level To familiarize students with basic ideas in economics To foster an urge among students for effective participation. To prepare students to cope with stress and strain. To develop an understanding of the nations resources To develop among students a favorable attitude To help the students to understand that various sectors must develop equally. To develop among students a passion tor social Justice. To help students to acquire skills.

Objectives of teaching economics at Higher Secondary Level: 1 . To acquire the knowledge of facts, terms, concepts, trends, principles, problems and processes of economics. 2. To develop understanding of trends, principles, processes, etc in economics. 3. To apply the acquired knowledge and its understanding to unfamiliar situation. 4. To acquire economic skills like drawing maps, charts, tables, diagrams, graphs, etc. 5. To evelop interest in the subject and problems related to the economic life of the people. 6. To develop desirable attitudes necessary for developing a broader outlook. ) Correlation of Economics with Commerce, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science, Languages. Meaning of correlation: 0 Technique which establishes reciprocal relationship between different subjects of the curriculum for the better and clear understanding of the subject under discussion. 0 Acc. To Raymont, “No subject is ever well understood and no art is intelligently practiced, if the light which the other studies are able to throw upon it is eliberately shut out. ” 0 Knowledge is one invisible whole, which cannot be divided into water tight compartments.

Reasons for correlation: 0 Stability of knowledge 0 Economy of knowledge 0 Development of interest in the subject 0 Makes the burden of the curriculum light 0 Development of human and social qualities Types of Correlation: 1) Incidental Correlation: correlation between subjects occurring by chance not planned. 2) Planned Correlation: It’s a deliberate attempt to correlate subjects. There are two types of planned correlation: a) Vertical Correlation- correlation of economics with various branches of economics ) Horizontal correlation- correlation of economics with other subjects c) Correlation with life.

Correlation of Economics with Commerce: Main aim in Commerce is 0 to study about business, industry, trade and organization 0 study all activities beginning from production and leading up to distribution 0 study of trade, banking, export, import, book-keeping, etc All the above are closely associated with economics. Economics and commerce cannot be studied separately. They are inter-twined. Through the knowledge of commerce, it is possible to run the economy of a country more efficiently. Correlation ot Economics witn Mathematics: 0 There exists very close relationship of economics with mathematics particularly statistics. Most of the economic theories are propounded on the basis of statistical data. 0 In economics we make use of various mathematical symbols. 0 To formulate theories, Geometry and Algebra are widely used. 0 Without statistics the knowledge of economics remains incomplete. Marshall said, “Statistics are the straw out of which, I like every other economist have to make bricks”. 0 To draw graphs, sketches, and tables the teacher of economics depends on mathematical knowledge. Correlation of Economics with History: 0 Both subjects are social sciences. 0 After Industrial Revolution production of quantity and quality of goods improved.

Also resulted in competitive business for marketing of finished goods. Gave rise to infighting among various developed European powers which resulted in huge wars and new powers emerged. 0 First and Second World Wars were fought for economic considerations. 0 To get knowledge of various economic factors that were responsible for various historical events, we have to depend on history. 0 History tells about the economic development of various countries. When we read a particular period in history, we learn about economic conditions prevailing in that period. The beginning of medium of exchange such as gold coins and others are studied in history. Correlation of Economics with Geography: 0 In economics we study about various goods. The production is governed by various geographical factors such as nature of soil, climate. 0 Economic conditions of a country depend to a large extent on its geographical conditions. 0 India could become a great power in ancient times because of its geographical situation and other conditions. Agriculture, industry and other economic activities depend to a large extent on geographical factors.

C] Availability of raw materials means of transport and types land (plateaus, deserts, mountains, etc) are considered in major decisions of business. 0 Certain industries and trade develop in a particular place when geographical conditions favor them. Correlation of Economics with Science: 0 Teaching is a technical Job. It requires certain qualities of head and heart. Every teacher must familiarize herself/ himself with the time honored maxims of teaching which are evolved as a result of long experience in teaching and research in ducational psychology.

To explain the concept of Diminishing Marginal Utility give water to a student to drink and ask other students to observe how is urge for drinking water decreases gradually at that point of time. v) Particular to General 0 Examples and facts should be presented to students before giving them the general rules or principles. 0 Study of particular facts should lead the children themselves frame general rules and generalizations 0 Same principle adopted in inductive method of teaching 0 E. g. discuss adulteration of different products, cheating done to consumers and then teach the concept of Consumer Protection.

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