Hindsight Bias

1 January 2017

Hindsight bias is when you know something right after it happens and not while it is happening. Some people call it the I-knew-it-all-along phenomenon. This is where you watch a sports game and when the game is over, think to yourself that you knew they would loose, when in fact you were on the edge of your seat waiting to see how the game was going to end and if your team would win or not. (Myers, 2010, p. 16. )

I have had several instances where hindsight bias has happened to me. Some of the more emorable and favorite moments of it have been with my dad and the girls I have dated. See there was this one girl that I tried to date while I lived in Florida last year. Her name was Crystal and she was very nice, and after a while I told my parents about her and my dad told me to be careful like most parents do. After a few weeks of trying to get her to go on an actual date with me as more than friends, her and I had a heart to heart about where we stood.

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To my dislike we wouldn’t be more than friends, but I was ok with that because I didn’t want to loose her as a riend. But it was when I told my dad about this that he told me he had a feeling that this wasn’t going to work out, and that I shouldn’t have tried to pursue her in that way. There is an even better example of this involving my dad and my last girlfriend that is a better demonstration of hindsight bias. For 6 months before I decided to move back up to New Hampshire to take some classes I got involved with this girl named Destiny. I was really excited about her, we clicked on several levels.

We had a good deal in common and we really enjoyed ach others company. I had even taken her home with me for the holidays to meet my parents. I asked my family how they liked her and everyone said that they liked her and they were glad I was so happy. I even took my dad aside and talked to him about her and about some of the issues she had had with her family and the conversation about my new girlfriend went very well.

The relationship ended badly with her breaking up with me for several reasons that were her own doing and had nothing to do with what I had done, and I had no idea what to do or how o deal with it, so as I made my preparations to move back home. It wasn’t until I got back home that my dad told me that he knew it wasn’t going to end well. I even told him that when he knows these things that he is supposed to tell me right away when they are not going to end well that way I don’t get involved with them in the first place. It wasn’t until this class that I discovered the reason he knows that my relationships are going to end badly is because he has I-Knew-it-all-along phenomenon or better named hindsight ias. Its not that he actually knows they are going to end at all, he is just able to put everything together at the very moment that I tell him things have ended. I have several other examples of hindsight bias but these two were the most recent in my mind and I also found them to be the funnier ones because I had this very conversation with my dad only a few weeks ago regarding him telling me when he gets these “feelings”.

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