Hinduism and Buddhism

The two religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, are similar because they both had a belief in karma and reincarnation but different because Buddhism was founded by Buddha but Hinduism didn’t have a single founder, and because of Hinduism’s belief in many Gods but Buddhism’s belief in no particular God. Hinduism and Buddhism are different in that Hinduism believed in many Gods but Buddhism didn’t address any God. Hinduism believed in several Gods such as Varuna, who changed from God of the sky to the guardian of ideas of right and wrong, Vishnu, the preserver, and Shiva, the destroyer.

Original gods of nature were altered to represent more abstract concepts. The Epic Age had poems that emphasized gentle and kind and honest behavior and the validity of life loyal to concentration on the Supreme Spirit. Whereas Buddha believed in salvation as arising from the destruction of the self. Hinduism and Buddhism were similar because they both believed in karma and reincarnation. The belief in reincarnation is that when your body dies, your soul is passed onto another, either animal or human.

And how that next life was to be good or bad all depends on your karma. Karma is the belief that when you do good actions, good things will happen to you in the next life, and the same concept applies if you were bad. Hinduism provides good channels for the good life including meditation and self-discipline. These allowed the mind to be freed to concentrate on the divine spirit. Buddha also believed that the destruction of the self opens a pathway to a realm where suffering and decay no longer exist.

He also denied rituals and believed that an individual could regulate their aspirations toward this goal without having any elaborate ceremonies. Hinduism and Buddhism were different in that Buddhism was founded by Buddha but Hinduism had no specific founder. Buddhism’s founder was Gautama, eventually called Buddha. He lived as a Hindu mystic, fasting and torturing his body. He eventually felt that the he found truth and traveled and gathered disciples to teach of his ideas.

Buddha accepted some truth of Hindu beliefs like reincarnation but did not believe in the caste. Hinduism however did not have a single founder. This helps explain why the religion unfolded so gradually. Hinduism and Buddhism were different in that Buddhism was founded by Gautama and Hinduism had no founder, and also because Buddhism had no address to a god when Hinduism believed in many gods, and they were similar because they both shared a belief in karma and reincarnation.

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