Hip Hop vs. Rock

3 March 2018

Both genres use a lead instrumental, Rock music usually consists of a guitar and a bass.

Hip Hop uses many types of lead instruments but also uses the guitar. One of the most important instruments in hip hop music is the bass. Another thing that is similar between rock and hip hop songs is the topics Of the songs. Sex, love, hard times, and drugs are some of the main topics used in rock and hip hop songs. These topics are the reason the two genres are so popular with many listeners today. A lot of hip hop and rock artists have had rough lives and went through hard times prior to being famous, and they express it in there songs.Both hip hop and rock have blues and jazz roots.

Hip Hop vs. Rock Essay Example

They both went in different directions with their blues and jazz roots. At some point in time a group took the guitar aspect of blues and jazz and kept evolving it into what rock is today. Hip Hop was evolved from r&b, rhythm blues and Mouton blues styles. Although there are several similarities between rock and hip hop, there are many differences. One major difference is the production of the music. Almost all of the hip hop songs made today are made electronically on a computer.The rock songs made today are played with live instruments and hen later put into a computer program and edited.

Another type of production that hip hop uses and rock does not use is sampling. Sampling is when you take another song and chop it up and remake it into the hip hop style. One major difference between hip hop and rock that most people don’t realize is that the instrumental you hear in rock songs is created by the artist, and the instrumental or the beat your hear in hip hop music is often made by someone else. To produce most rock music you need to be an experienced musician who is able to compose and make up an entire song.The styles between rock and hip hop are complete opposites. Most hip hop artists like to wear gold chains, baggy clothes, and top of the line designer clothing. Hip hop artists are always seen showing off their nice cars and expensive jewelry, clothes, etc.

Most rock artists don’t seem to care as much about material things. There are many similarities and differences between rock and hip hop music. Both of these genres are well known and favorites by many people today. I enjoy listening to both music styles, but I prefer listening to hip hop music over rock music.

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