Hippotherapy for Children with Autism

I learned about Hippotherapy about six years ago when I had to get rid of my horse (I couldn’t afford my horse and the expense of owning a house on my own) I had talked to another horse owner at the barn where I boarded my horse, and she suggested to me about talking to someone that had a therapy school or ranch because of Cory’s age (my horse) he had a few more years of heavy physical riding left before he would be retired. I researched the therapy that she suggested and found a local school for Autism, and I donated Cory to “The Jeremiah School for Autism”.

III. There are four benefits of Hippotherapy for children with Autism. They are Physical, Sensory, Language and emotional. Body I. The physical benefits of Hippotherapy a) Increases coordination b) Increases strength II. The sensory benefits of Hippotherapy c) Increases the vestibular stimulation (balance) d) Stimulates the muscles and joints III. Hippotherapy develops language skills a) Develops their comprehension b) Develops communication skills IIII. Develops emotional bonding skills Conclusion I.

The healing emotional bond between children and horses is used by Physical and Speech Therapist in the special area of Hippotherapy for children with Autism. The children benefit in four ways from the Hippotherapy and those are physical, sensory, language and emotional. II. When children ride the horse it moves them in multiple ways by tilting, rotating and moving the rider, which would take an entire session of difficult physical therapy exercises to achieve.

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