Hires New Recruiter

8 August 2016

Has a nasty problem: figuring out what to do with Carl Robins and his lack of experience to hiring new recruits for his orientation for Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor for ABC. So we decided to help them out by making a few suggestions on how to successful come up with a standard operational procedure on hiring new recruits for ABC. Would a millionaire dollar company such as ABC Inc. trust a new hired recruiter with less than six months to oversee a hiring orientation?

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We’re going to propose standard operation procedure (SOP) guidelines to assist ABC in their hiring process. Carl Robins, the new campus recruiter was hired in April for ABC, Mr. Carl Robins successfully recruited several new hires in spite of having been at his new job for only six months; this was his first recruitment effort Carl Robins has organized. Carl Robins is in charge of training schedule, orientation, manuals, policy booklets, physicals, drug tests, and a host of other issues on June 15.

I have a few steps and basic guide lines Carl needs to follow in order to be successful and on time for his orientation which is occurring on the 15 of June. By implementing change to the process Carl should be successful in his overall goal. Since this is Carl’s first big project I believe that Carl will need some help from his co-workers to help accomplish his task in a timely manner. The first step, Carl needs to understand is having the leadership skills to lead and make smart and swift decisions. How good leadership skills can make the difference between success and failure.

Secondly, Carl needs to purchase a planner of some sort; by using a planner will better equip and help Carl organize and plan proficiently. Next, by learning time management skills Carl will decrease the amount of stress he is placed under on a daily basis. According to timemanagement. com, time management and stress management are often addressed together because they are so closely interrelated. (1) Time-Management-Guide. com (2002) suggests that it is important to get organized, avoid procrastination, and always take time to plan out your day.

It is sometimes difficult to plan the day because obstacles can be thrown at you at any time; however, by setting up blocks of time to do each task that needs to be done, and allowing an hour or two for the unknown, Carl Robins can plan for anything that comes his way. By learning techniques for proper time management Carl can effectively help keep his stress under control. The Mayo Clinic (1998-2011) advises that resilience management is important in keeping stress under control because it helps to keep functioning psychologically and physically even though one may encounter stress, adversity, and/ or tragedy.

Resilience helps to give the ability to see past problems, not make them go away (Mayo Clinic staff, 1998-2011. Para. 3). (3) It is important to remember that Carl will still have to deal with them on a daily basis; however, with the right tools he will be able to better manage them. Pursuing this further, the problems that I see with Mr. Carl is the lack of help, experience and since of direction. As a consultant to your firm I would insist that Carl and his team sit down and brainstorm ideas on who will take on what reasonability’s and who will plan what.

This is when Mr. Carl Robins takes charge and becomes a leader, and distribute out responsibilities evenly to his team. For example, Carl needs to write in his planner times and dates of when he or his team will schedule the orientation, manuals, policy booklets, physicals, drug tests, and the reservation of the training room for June 15. Additionally, Carl robins will require an assessment from each team member daily on what they accomplished for the day and what did not get accomplished.

As Carl; being, the team leader it is his job to manage or micro mange his team in order for them to meet the overall objective in hand which is to have the new hire orientation on time. For the time being, Carl needs to have an example of a pre packet made up of what he expects and what should be in the packet. There should be a set standard that should be set and kept. Meanwhile, Mr. Carl Robins needs to go through all the packets that he has on file to make sure that all applicants have the proper documentation and information filled out completely.

If the applications are not filled out properly Carl Robins will then need to contact the recruits beforehand to let them know that they have not filled out the application completely, and need to come back down to the station to fill the application out properly. Again, Carl would have a set pile of all the completed packets aside from, the incomplete packets sorting out and counting aside from, how many complete packets he actually have; to determine the true count of recruits he actually have for hire.

Generally speaking, since Carl reinter viewed all the incomplete applicants he determined that he was still good with the allotted number he had for the right recruits for the orientation. On the other hand, Carl still had other issues he needs to deal with. Carl’s team still needs to schedule a physical and drug testing for the new recruits. In this situation Carl has to make several phone calls to various drug testing companies. As a consultant I would advise ABC Inc. to set up a legal contract with a drug testing agency to allow so many new hires to come to their facility and conduct a drug test screening.

This will eliminate time trying to schedule appointments just for drug testing. After, dealing with the drug testing agency Carl Robins has one finial problem that he and his team needs to address; which is the scheduling of the training room. Undoubtedly, Mr. Carl needs to go talk to Joe from technology services to see if the computer seminar that was reserved for the entire month of June can be set at a schedule time. Carl need to address that he will be having an orientation on June 15 and that the orientation will only began early in the morning.

Commination with Joe allows Carl to still continue to have both the computer seminar and the new recruit hiring orientation for Monica Carrolls. Preventing the miss communication of scheduling the training room Carl needs to better implement his times in his planner. In final analysis Mr. Carl Robin I have found a resolution to your problem. If ABC Inc. adopts the small and critical steps that I have mapped out for your corporation in my standard operation procedure I feel that you will overall become successful.

In final consideration, I feel and believe that having the tools of being a leader taking charge and delegating task evenly would further your chances of being successful. “How good leadership skills can make the difference between success and failure”. Purchasing a planner and writing your task down will assist you in your organization skills, and should free up time for other tasks to be achieved. Last but not least, time management will overall better the company and the individual to become successful and to accomplish the objective in in hand.

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