Hiring an Employee for Secretary Position

1 January 2017

Hiring an employee for secretary positions It is always a better idea to implement the specific process to hire an employee. Hiring department has developed series of process to begin the search and hire three desired candidate for the empty secretary positions. This will include distribution of application forms, understanding policies of hiring and conduction of interviews. I am reporting on me and my department’s role. My main role is to ensure the process has been followed in correct manner to hire the right person for this position. Our first significant step is to understand policies and procedures.

Our application form will be available in our company’s official website. We make sure that every applicant are treated equal, there is no discrimination for employment in terms of race, color, national, origin, sex, religion, age, veteran status, sexual orientation or disability. The applications are reviewed to find the candidate with desired qualification for this position i.

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e. graduate degree in management from the university and outgoing positive personality with true passion of work. They will be called for the first interview. We have created certain questionnaire to ensure we get required information from the candidate.

After this, we will hold a meeting to select most desired ten candidates. Then they will be called for second interview. Out of ten we will choose three for the position. Our department were discussing about providing one week training on application of our latest company software. We saw that employees took time to get used to the software when we updated it. So, it will be beneficial that new employees will have knowledge about it and can start the job right away without any hindrances. We are glad to let you know our procedures to hire employees. We are waiting for your approval so that we can start this process as soon as possible.

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