His first ball

9 September 2016

Wharepapa receives an invitation from the governor-general to their flash party. The reason behind me choosing the idea of Cultural Difference is because Tuta is a Maori boy and the governor-general is pakehas, so there is a lot of difference between a Pakehas and Maori apart from being human. The style, living, eating, drinking, manners and communicating skills are all going to be new and different to Tuta than his.

He felt like his going to be left out and won’t have real fun because the government house and the people who are invited and are going to be so professional and well mannered, Tuta hesitated and got confused he didn’t whether to go to this party or not but than Tuta’s mother steps in and forces him to go because if he doesn’t go that be disrespectful towards the government house she said ‘’I had to it was too late to send back the invitation’’.

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He has to follow etiquette, which he disliked.

How do you relate to a character/event/idea/setting in this text? Give your personal opinion of this character and reflect on why you think this: My personal opinion on this the short story, ‘’His First Bal’’ Is Cultural difference. Cultural differences are actually not a big deal, which makes it a big deal is the people themselves. Tuta is a free , enjoying and open person he doesn’t know what table manners are he doesn’t know what professional means cause he only know how to enjoy life openly.

When he gets an invitation from the government house people around Tuta suggested him that he has to put his maori behaviour aside for a day and act like gentle man and act professional and bring in the maturity in him so this mean the way he sits and eat ‘’you sit down here and do what I do. Now take up the spoon. No not that one, that one, that’s for your soup, that’s for the first course’’. This is how much Tuta struggled to fit in to Pakehas surrounding and behaviour.

Tuta wasn’t comfortable on what he was being put through because that wasn’t him but still he had to put all his uncomfortableness aside and keep up with the pakehas standard which was really difficult for him to cope. If I was put in to Tuta’s shoe I would have been in the same position or even worse because as for me I like to be myself rather than being fake and act plastic. I would like to be who iam not who people want me to be and that’s what Tuta Wharepapa was trying to explain to her mother and others but unfortunately he failed and had to keep it up with what he was told to.

The point here is just being yourself people have to except you as you are. QUESTION: 3 – Explain in detail how and how this text teachers you something about yourself/society/human nature/our world( historical or present day). What do you think is the writer/director’s purpose? ANSWER- The short story ‘’HIS FIRST BALL’’ actually teachers me a lot and by that I mean about culture and racism. This goes to everyone in the society, human nature and our world.

How they pronounced Tuta’s name ‘MR SHIT’ that goes toward racism, because Tuta Wharepapa is a Maori name is it is difficult for pakeha’s to pronounce. I can relate to Tuta’s feelings because my name sounds easy but when someone’s reads out my name it’s hard for them to get the words right I don’t blame them for this even I do make mistakes getting the names right, that’s what happened to Tuta. The purpose of the director behind writing this short story ‘’His First Ball’’ was to saw how and what are the difference between the two cultures are (maori and pakeha’s) .

how a maori boy Tuta Wharepapa was picked randomly and was invited to a party at government house , in this journey Tuta had to face some difficulty coping with the rules and regulation due to being a maori boy Tuta didn’t really liked the rules and regulation cause he was young wild and free He didn’t had fun but still he made the effort to stay back the party till it finishes it on that night he meets a girl who’s not enjoying the party as much as he’s not he goes up to her and made a convocation and they became friends and the party wasn’t that bad at all..

So what the write was trying to prove over here was that no matter what culture we all are in some point of time we have to face some difficulties and go through them , we have to step up stand out of our comfort zone and give it a go at something new and experience in Tuta’s case he had to experience new culture and manners and get to know how pakehas life are and get to meet new people and make new friends. QUESTION:4 –Why do toy recommend this text?

I recommend this short story ‘’His First Ball’’ because the writer placed an interesting concept in front of us what his main idea concept was behind writing this short story and making sure it reaches out to people and communities. I really enjoyed reading this short story throughout the story I got to experience heaps which I wasn’t aware of.

As learning about new culture and communities is not an easy task I have experience this as well in my life coming to New Zealand and living the life of a maori wasn’t actually a easy thing for a new comer and the expectations are always high from people but what wasn’t the deal but learned and gaining the knowledge about the maori culture was a hard thing for me their language and the way they pronounce words was difficult for me but as time went pass I get to know and learn heaps about cultures in New Zealand.

That’s what happened with Tuta but he made through it and cooperated with the pakehas and their culture and manners , he did face some difficulties like when the man on the hall-way counter asks Tuta his name ‘’your name’’ after Tuta introduces himself the old man says ‘’Tuta Tookypocker’’, in Maori Tookypocker means ‘’shit’’ which was really inappropriate but then it wasn’t really the man’s fault as the old man introduces Tuta everybody in the hall including the governor-general dressed Tuta as ‘’Mr Tuta Tookypocker’’.

I still remember in I once learnt in history that back in the days white people were so against black/brown people that they couldn’t stand seeing black/brown peoples face around their community. One day a guy name Nelson Mandela walked in to everyone’s life and changed the way of thinking and he did this by becoming the black president which changed peoples thought and it got easier on the brown/black people slowly as time pass by people got comfortable living around each other which leads us to this generation where everyone is well warmed by each-other.

Racism is not the answer to everything, everyone deserves to be treated equal and given the same respect as others. Colour doesn’t makes any different after all we are all humans with the same feelings. I would say that people who still walking in the old path and carries racism along them needs to learn from kids and does not tend to have self-respect. ‘’ You should learn to respect yourself first then you will be able to respect others in your life. Once said by a legend.

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